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Coming Soon! Building Your brand: a UMi Expert Series

We had a fantastic time teaming up with Publicity Seekers as part of our latest UMi Expert Series. We'd like to say a huge thank you to Jonathan Saunders for the fantastic advice and insight he shared with us. Here is a recap of what we learned about brand awareness and reputation. 

Part One: Does your online presence need a reboot?

The series begins with this great advice piece, where Jonathan discusses the importance of brand and reputation. Jonathan offers his top tips for capturing and maintaining the attention of potential customers, emphasising the online impression your business could and should leave on anyone who comes across it.     

Part Two: The Importance of Targeted Media Relations.

In the second instalment of our expert series, Jonathan discusses the benefits of building strategic relationships with journalists and press outlets. We are talked through the various things businesses need to consider when establishing media connections in order to amplify their company. 

Part Three: Why is it Important to Network to Grow Your Brand?

Here, Jonathan tackles the event that strikes fear into the heart of any bashful business owner: networking. Giving practical, achievable advice, this article will help ensure you get the most from your next networking opportunity. And who knows, you might even enjoy it! 

Part Four: The Essential Role Strong Web Content Plays in the Success of a Business.

Everything is content! According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2018 90% of all adults in the UK were classed as ‘recent internet users’. Hear how to create eye-catching, high-quality content to engage your would-be online customers.   

Part Five: SEO, the Untapped Goldmine: Interview With SEO Expert.

In the final instalment of Building Your Brand: A UMi Expert Series, Jonathan speaks exclusively to James Lane, Co-Founder and Training Director of digital marketing & social media training provider, Hypestar. The pair delve into the world of SEO and offer some unmissable advice. 

Your brand is at the very heart of your company's corporate identity and is the thing that sculpts your customer's experience. We truly hoped you have enjoyed this series as much as we have. 

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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