Bipin Anand And Kieran Chauhan With The Large Lamp and Rubber Ball Props At Pixar San Francisco

Bipin Anand and Kieran Chauhan with some large recognisable props at Pixar San Francisco.

Leicester-based film and video producers and co-founders of ImageNova, Kieran Chauhan and Bipin Anand, recently visited Pixar's headquarters in San Francisco to film exclusive content on the making of Disney Pixar's latest production, Onward (2020).

ImageNova is working with Oscar-winning lens manufacturer Cooke Optics to produce a web channel that contains interviews with the best craftspeople in the film industry to inspire the next generation of filmmakers as well as entertain movie fans.

The pair are creating content about the history of cinematography and animation at Pixar, and how they have modelled the look of some of their animated films such as Inside Out, Toy Story 4 and Onward on some of Cooke's lenses that are handcrafted in Leicester.

Kieran and Bipin met with and interviewed a number of Pixar's cinematographers, animators and the Head of Studio and producer of Wall-E, Jim Morris. Over the following weeks, ImageNova will produce a series of short videos giving special insight into why Pixar's films master the magic of storytelling and visuals.

These videos will be released on Cooke Optics TV (COTV), a YouTube channel that ImageNova successfully created and pitched to Cooke in 2014.

COTV features over 180 videos featuring exclusive interviews with some of the biggest cinematographers, camera operators and producers in the world, who discuss their films that include Joker, 12 Years a Slave, The Avengers, Gandhi and much more. Since its inception with around 180 subscribers, the channel now serves the 81,000 subscribers who mostly consist of film enthusiasts and filmmakers and has established itself as one of the biggest cinematography filmmaking channels.

Leicester-born Kieran Chauhan has been incredibly excited ever since ImageNova received the go-ahead from Disney Pixar's Director of Worldwide Publicity. He said: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’ve always wanted to visit Pixar and get access to their animation studio and meet their team. To be able to collaborate with them on a project is a dream come true."

Bipin Anand, co-owner of ImageNova added: "We've been building our company for over 10 years now, and this is by far the most exciting project we have been involved with. By building our channel over the years, Cooke Optics TV has opened the doors to the best filmmakers in the world, some of our heroes. Getting access to Pixar's studio is no easy feat since their studio is not open to the public!"

The technology behind Pixar’s animation and stories continue to advance as they consistently produce popular animated films.

ImageNova spoke to Adam Habib, Patrick Lin, Sharon Calahan and Kim White (the cinematographers behind Toy Story 3/4, The Incredibles, Cars, Up, Inside Out and Onward). Pixar is influenced by real-life camera and lighting techniques that are used in live-action films and model these characteristics (such as cameras and lenses) in a virtual world to be used in their animations.

By using recognised filmmaking techniques and modelling the look of their films on real-life cameras and lenses, they believe that this allows the audience to connect with their stories in the same way that you would with a live-action film. In the videos on Cooke Optics TV, the filmmakers break down how they produced their work on some of these movies - the first video is now available.

Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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