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Jobs created as plans for UK City of Culture in 2021 move forward

A series of new roles have been created to ensure that the Coventry team delivers the revolutionary vision for the UK City of Culture programme in 2021 and beyond, with more posts will follow in the next few weeks.

The City of Culture Trust will use the title to explore the role of culture in a modern and diverse Britain, which is firmly rooted in Coventry’s history, drawing on its great pioneers and activists from Lady Godiva to Two-tone and its reputation as a city of peace and inventions.

The new recruitment will reflect this sense of progression to ensure the team develops a programme that both engages the people of Coventry as well as shining an international spotlight in the city and its ability to deliver social change through culture.

Creative director Chenine Bhathena said: “At this time of global change and ongoing austerity there is no more important time to be considering the role of artists and cultural organisations in communities and city-wide development.

“It’s crucial that we get the right balance in our team, reflecting the diversity of our city, to ensure we achieve our ambitious aims towards 2021 and beyond.

“For me and the team, this has always been about much more than a year of programming and events. We are at a different moment in history when we need to empower our communities, consider our cultural democracy and create a diverse and playful programme that drives our new cultural movement. 

“We are looking for a producing team who will reflect the city’s youthfulness, and help us explore Coventry’s place in the world as a modern, multi-cultural, open and forward-looking city.

“I’ve been thrilled with the excitement and the anticipation that Coventry has for its role as UK City of Culture in 2021 and the ambition to do it differently, to do it the Coventry way.”

In its the first round of appointments in 2019, the Trust wants to attract two senior producers, three producers, two programme managers, a creative assistant and are offering a short-term contract for a Refugee Week Co-ordinator.

Applications for the senior producer and producers roles close on Wednesday, February 6. The senior producers will be at the heart of developing the programme, producing revolutionary and world-class cultural programmes in the city, across the nation and overseas.

The three producers will work with communities and the cultural sector across the city and develop incredible programmes that are inclusive of the whole city and also attract attention nationally and internationally.

The two programme managers will have a focus on 'Young People & Youthfulness' and 'Culture & Environment' as the Trust explores the role of youthfulness and green futures in the city’s longer-term growth. Applications for these two roles will close on Monday, February 11.

The successful applicant for the Creative Assistant post will work closely with Chenine, providing creative and administrative support and would be ideal for someone looking to develop a career in the arts by working on a once-in-a-lifetime project.

The Refugee Week Co-ordinator, which is a six month contract leading up to, during and just after Refugee Week in June 2019, will play a key role in the Trust’s #HumansOfCov campaign that was successfully launched before Christmas. Applications for this role close on Thursday, January 24.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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