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Now is your last chance to nominate yourself or another games business for inclusion in the META Games Industry Index, a campaign powered by UMi and supported by Ukie, the trade association for the UK games and interactive entertainment industry.

The index has been created to showcase the remarkable growth and potential of UK gaming to the wider business community, while also bringing attention to the many opportunities for funding and support on offer to games companies.

Throughout the six-month campaign, UMi and the index’s supporters and ambassadors have profiled games companies that are doing more and going further in the sector.

These are the teams that are contributing to positive social outcomes, deploying innovation and technology, creating opportunities for employment and showing a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. 

An expert panel of judges is now preparing to deliberate over a range of brilliant independent games businesses that exemplify creativity and innovation and that have been nominated during the campaign. 

Now is your last chance to make nominations for the 2021 Index, with the nomination portal set to close on Thursday 30 September. 

If you know, work for or own a independent SME gaming business that is making waves in interactive entertainment, make sure you fill in a nomination form to be included in the index before the deadline. 

A celebratory event will officially launch the 2021 META Games Index in December and will see the publication of a special index report featuring a series of profile interviews, case studies, Q&As, reports, guidance and advice.

Nicki Clark, Chief Executive of UMi, said: “There are so many games companies around the UK that are doing incredible work and have been keeping our nation entertained, educated and connected through what has undeniably been a tough year for many. These teams deserve recognition and we have created the META Games Industry Index to celebrate their achievements and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.” 

Dr Jo Twist OBE, CEO of Ukie, added: “The UK games industry has demonstrated that it is a force for good across the country by levelling up local economies, supporting wonderful charitable causes and bringing joy to players across the world. Their contribution deserves to be celebrated and we’re excited to help showcase the fantastic work done by companies throughout the land.” 

The index has attracted the support of Games Workshop Co-Founder and Fighting Fantasy Co-Creator, Ian Livingstone, British Esports Association Chair, Andy Payne, Silent Games CEO, Sally Blake, XR Games CEO, Bobby Thandi and many other industry leaders as ambassadors. 

For your last chance to nominate a business, go to


Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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