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Martech providers partner to deliver enhanced conversational marketing tool for Facebook

Smart mobile marketing specialist Digitonic, and new age creative agency Fore, have announced a partnership that integrates their social technology solutions, delivering an advanced conversational marketing platform that enables businesses to maximise interactions with customers on Facebook.

The independently owned tech solution providers have integrated two offerings, Digitonic’s conversational marketing platform, ‘Yapper’, and Fore’s social gamification technology, to create a fun, engaging promotional concept that triggers enhanced opportunities for increased customer engagement through interactive, personalised content.

With eight in ten companies intending to talk to their customers via social messaging by 2020, demand for this advanced new technology is likely to be high. The new integrated offering, which has been tactically drip-fed into each company’s customer base, is already gaining strong interest in the market, with both companies winning business totalling over £100,000 in February alone.

“Fore’s social gamification technology enables businesses and brands to vastly increase traffic to the top of the conversation funnel,” said Grant Fraser, CEO at Digitonic. “It is then down to Digitonic’s Yapper platform to move users down this funnel with a tailored conversation flow to achieve the desired result for the brands that we are working with.

“Both Digitonic and Fore felt that instead of trying to compete against one another, our organisations would benefit from combining our expertise to produce a more powerful and mutually beneficial offering,” Fraser continued. “This approach enabled both companies to focus on what we are best at, while working in collaboration in a competitive working environment to deliver a more holistic solution to our respective customer bases.

“It is our view that not enough businesses take this stance for fear of losing out on potential revenue, but we want to change this and show businesses how the power of collaboration can help companies evolve, grow and dominate in the global arena.

“This collaboration agreement is the first of a number of high profile deals that Digitonic will be announcing in 2019 with companies both sides of the Scottish border,” Fraser added.

Stuart Stott, CEO at Fore, said: “The partnership came about through admiration of one another’s technology and marketing campaigns, and instead of trying to mimic each other with challenger models, it simply made sense for us to team up and play to one another’s strengths.

“This has allowed us to further enhance our commercial offerings through an exciting new form of conversational marketing that helps maximise brand exposure by triggering hundreds of thousands of new conversations.

“Both companies have huge international aspirations and the new partnership is a big step in the right direction to achieving them,” Stott added.

Representatives from both Digitonic and Fore flew out to San Diego last month to spend six days at the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 – the largest marketing event in North America.

The summit provided an opportunity for both businesses to network with current and potential new customers, strengthening their client base across the pond.

Digitonic and Fore are currently organising events across the UK to promote their new combined offering.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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