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This week sees the launch of the exciting UMi META Games Industry Index.

The META Games Industry Index campaign is powered by UMi and supported by the games trade body, Ukie. The index highlights and celebrates the creativity, innovation, job creation and positive social impact of the games industry with the aim of inspiring everyone in the industry to do more and go further in their own businesses.

We are delighted to launch the Index as the games industry takes the national spotlight with the launch of a new generation of games consoles and the industry itself showcases the amazing past, present and future of one of the UK’s leading games hubs in Guildford at the annual Guildford Games Festival.

Through the campaign, UMi and the index’s supporters and ambassadors will showcase companies that are contributing to positive social outcomes, deploying innovation and technology, creating opportunities for employment and showing a commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. 

The META Games Industry Index offers everyone in the industry the opportunity to connect, learn more, celebrate success and tackle challenges together. The campaign will explore themes such as diversity, investment, levelling up, intellectual property, innovation, sustainability and export. A celebration event will officially launch the index and offer attendees the chance to explore next steps for investment, collaboration and novel solutions to the industry’s challenges.

From computer games and mobile game platforms to gamified education and simulations, this is an exciting, fast-moving industry that employs over 50,000 people in more than 2,000 companies in the UK. These businesses are responsible for improving mental and physical health, encouraging social connections, providing rewarding jobs and leading world-class training.

Nicki Clark, Chief Executive of UMi, said: “Over 99% of interactive entertainment businesses are small and medium businesses just like UMi. We know that the industry doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves for punching above its weight, collectively contributing £2.8bn in GVA to the UK economy and the positive social impact that it has.

“We understand that businesses are more than bricks and mortar. They’re living, breathing things, powered by people. We want to celebrate the incredible vision, focus and creativity of entrepreneurs and their teams in developing interactive entertainment products and services that make our lives healthier, happier and easier.”

The index has already attracted the support of Games Workshop co-founder and Fighting Fantasy co-creator Ian Livingstone, as an ambassador.

There are a range of ways that the industry can get involved with the campaign as a partner, ambassador or contributor. To discuss the opportunities for your business, contact Jamie Ross, Partnership Director, UMi by email or call 07469 408695.

Nicki continued: “There’s no better week for us to launch the index as the games industry showcases it’s creativity at the Guildford Games Festival a region that exemplifies the kind of games businesses that we want to celebrate in the index.

“We’re looking forward to using the power of our network to help businesses, investors, sector support and professional support organisations connect in ways that help all of us to drive our businesses forward.”

The Guildford Games Festival is a virtual event featuring interesting and unique talks, many recorded especially for this event. The two day event features an industry day (Friday 13 November) and a career’s day (Saturday 14 November) with all content broadcast on To attend please register here - Register to attend

Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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