Jason Manford

Edinburgh-based event ticketing platform, Citizen Ticket felt its business and industry turn upside down when the lockdown was introduced. However, weeks later the team created the first of its kind - a live streaming service dedicated to events, integrated into its existing ticketing platform. This enhanced product now offers a secure solution for events, venues and artists to stay connected with their audiences and generate a much-needed income.

People within the live events industry have experienced dramatic changes in their incomes during this global pandemic, however, Citizen Ticket has been supporting both up-and-coming artists, as well as more established names, to livestream shows from their homes.

The service has recently been used by one of the UK’s favourite comedians, Jason Manford, who has signed up for a seven-week series of live shows following the success of a pilot event. The pilot featured Harry Hill as a special guest and attracted over 2,500 viewers.

The advantage of Citizen Ticket’s technology compared to other offerings in the marketplace, is that shows can livestream and sell tickets all in one place. Both free and paid ticket options are available and audience profiles are linked to tickets using their blockchain technology to ensure that unregistered attendees are not able to gatecrash the event.

Also when socially distanced events begin, this technology will act as a solution to limited capacity events, with event-goers being provided with the opportunity to attend events in-person or watch from home via livestream, ensuring that live events continue to be sustainable for the event organisers.

Commenting on this new innovation, Philip Shaw-Stewart, Citizen Ticket co-founder, said: “When your business and industry faces a shutdown, the survival instinct kicks in and innovation and creativity come to the fore.

"COVID-19 has inflicted long-term damage to the live events industry and the way we all operate. Rather than thinking this was possibly the end, we used it as motivation to create technology that could protect the live events industry, and help events, venues, artists and our business weather the storm.

“We all thrive on interactions with other humans and as a nation comedy, music and culture is at the heart of our being. Whilst there might be an extended hiatus until events can resume in theatres, outdoor festivals and other venues, we can provide an alternative solution that will allow the live events industry to stay connected with their fans.

"It also generates a much-needed income in the short-term, and in the long-term ensures that event capacities are not decimated by social distancing rules, and are instead bolstered through virtual attendance, allowing event-goers to attend in person or via livestream.”

Shaun Tate
Article by Shaun Tate
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