The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) is calling out for UK research entrepreneurs who have an innovative science or tech based business idea to apply for an Enterprise Fellowship.

The RSE Enterprise Fellowship is a UK wide business creation, development and training programme for the higher education sector; enabling researchers to develop into world-class entrepreneurs. Equity free, 12 month support packages of funding and training support worth up to £90,000 are available.

Established in 1997, the programme has supported over 250 graduates and researchers to develop and launch new businesses, across a wide range of fields.

Dr Caroline Barelle, 2015-16 Fellow and co-founder of Elasmogen Ltd, said: “An idea is the first step in any business. Through the incredible support, expertise and boundless enthusiasm from the RSE Enterprise Fellowship, I was given the opportunity, and critically the time, to convert this into a reality and create a new Biotech company.”

During her 12 month Fellowship, Caroline developed Elasmogen, a biotech company delivering novel drugs for autoimmune, inflammatory disease and cancer. Elasmogen has subsequently raised over £6.5m, and Caroline continues to expand trials, investment and sales.

David Hunter was an Enterprise Fellow in 2014-15, and is now Founder and CEO of Shot Scope, a global company supplying wearable technology that automatically collects performance data to enable uninterrupted play in golf. David’s business is steadily growing and has raised over £4.5m since it first launched.

David said: “The Enterprise Fellowship gave me global ambition, allowed me to network with the right people and develop myself. Lastly, but most importantly, the Enterprise Fellowship gave me belief in myself and the company.”

Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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