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New research has highlighted how UK universities are increasingly essential incubators for entrepreneurial talent, particularly in the life sciences industry.

Business data platform Beahurst has identified and verified more than 1,500 spinouts from UK universities, almost a third of which (425) are operating within the life sciences sector.

A spinout is start-up company that has been created to commercialise the research output of a university or research institution.

Spinouts are typically part-owned by the university through a number of mechanisms and, in turn, are nurtured by the university’s in-house commercialisation team, receiving support from business specialists on how to bring their products to market.

Of the 425 life sciences spinouts identified by Beauhurst, 62 have gone on to exit (merger or acquisition), 77 have folded, and 286 are still actively pursuing their goals.

Unlike other UK start-ups, life sciences spinouts are not concentrated in London, with over 25% coming from Oxford and Cambridge alone, leading the East of England and the South East to be the top regions for active life sciences start-ups.

Scotland is also proving to be a hotbed for new ideas and innovative products, with 42 spinouts active in the life sciences space.

The top 10 universities for life sciences spinouts are as follows:

  1. University of Oxford (60)
  2. University of Cambridge (54)
  3. UCL (29)
  4. Imperial College London (29)
  5. University of Edinburgh (18)
  6. University of Bristol (18)
  7. Queen’s University Belfast (13)
  8. University of Manchest (12)
  9. University of Birmingham (12)
  10. University of Strathclyde (11)

Some examples of academic organisations that help drive innovation and commercialization within their institutions include:

Key takeaways:

  • There are an estimated 1,500 spinout companies coming from academic institutions in the UK
  • Spinouts are start-up companies that exist mostly within knowledge intensive sectors like deep tech, clean energy and life sciences
  • For more information about how to build a business around your idea or innovation, head over to the UMi platform:
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