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A new feedback tool from educational wellbeing specialists Welbee has been launched for free to help improve staff wellbeing in the nation’s schools.

Welbee ‘’Voice’’ is a simple to use system to encourage anonymous and open conversations.

It has been designed by sector specialists to enable school leaders to better understand the specific pressures staff face, share concerns and ideas and ultimately drive a positive change in engagement and results in schools.

Founder Mark Solomons has been working with school leadership teams to improve staff wellbeing and results since 2009. He and his team have now distilled and applied years of knowledge and research into Welbee as part of their mission to improve staff wellbeing.

Mark explains; ‘Very simply, staff who believe they are heard are more engaged and more effective. However, it is not always easy when you are so busy, working remotely and leading in the uncertain times we are all in right now.

‘Also, it is important to understand that there is a fine line between checking up and checking in. Many staff actually find it difficult to raise concerns openly and in particular where it relates to their wellbeing or mental health.

‘To help tackle this we have developed our totally anonymous ‘’Voice’’ tool and we’ve made it available totally free to schools until at least September 2020.’

Staff responses on Welbee Voice are stored securely in one place with an option for leaders to reply, address concerns, ask follow-up questions or thank them for ideas.

There is no limit to the number of conversations, allowing for specific feedback on actions, as well as requesting more general feedback.

Mark concludes: ‘We know that staff wellbeing is not only about being a responsible employer, it is also the key to increasing staff retention, reducing absences and cover, improving engagement and actually significantly reducing costs for schools.

‘I am so proud of the Welbee team who have designed a solution that can make a huge difference both now and in the longer term and delighted that we can offer this for free to schools as part of our launch.’

Bethany Wright
Article by Bethany Wright
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