Independent infrastructure and services provider Fulcrum was established less than 18 months ago but it has already secured a long-term multi-million-pound smart meter contract from energy supplier E.

The Sheffield-based net-zero focused multi-utility company will become E’s Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Manager (MAM) as part of an anticipated £20m, five-year agreement.

Managing its portfolio of 320,000 UK meter points, Fulcrum will also deliver 80,000 meter exchanges as part of E’s smart meter exchange programme.

E is a British-owned energy supplier and part of Bayford Group. Based in Birmingham, it specialises in tariffs for customers with prepayment meters.

The new agreement takes Fulcrum’s portfolio of managed meter points to almost 500,000 and is expected to double the run rate of its meter exchange programme.

Terr Dugdale, CEO at Fulcrum, said: “We are delighted to enter this significant new agreement with E, which is a positive endorsement of our growing position in the smart metering market, and substantially grows our meter portfolio and exchange programme activity. 

“There are strong synergies between Fulcrum and E, particularly our shared focus on delivering the highest levels of service, which will be essential when we are operating on E’s behalf in customers’ homes. 

“Through our collaborative approach, we can assist E and its customers to continue to make a valuable contribution to the low carbon economy by saving energy.”

Key takeaways...

  • Fulcrum was able to gain a foothold in its industry by establishing relationships with new and growing energy suppliers.
  • Despite being less than 18 months old, the company was able to demonstrate a strong commitment to service, which helped it win the major contract. 
  • Fulcrum says its collaborative approach will further develop the relationship with E.
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Richard Dawson
Article by Richard Dawson
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