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A consortium of investors including Fitbit Founder James Park and Twitch Founder Kevin Lin have invested in fintech start-up, Coinrule.

Coinrule is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform for individual and retail investors.

The seed stage funding round raised $2.2m and will be used to develop the platform, which essentially provides algorithmic trading to ordinary investors without them having to learn a single line of code.

The company has also joined the YCombinator S21 crowdfunding programme.

Founded in 2018 by Gabriele Musella and others, Coinrule exists to increase access to the latest cryptocurrency trading strategies and models, typically the preserve of investment banks and hedge funds.

Users can access one of four plans, the first of which is free, followed by three paid plans – Hobbyist, Trader and Pro.  

Gabriele Musella said: “Coinrule is perfectly placed between two super trends, hyper financialization and the growth of automation in the world.

“We are bridging these trends to bring everyday crypto currency holders the opportunity to seize market opportunities.

“This funding and joining the YCombinator programme has put us in a good place to deliver our mission for financial inclusion by giving people the tools to compete in a new world of trading.”

Coinrule has grown rapidly over the last 12 months and now has over 13,000 users trading assets worth £100m every month.

In any given month, users are creating over 100,000 strategies on the platform as they seek greater ownership of their assets. 

Gabriele added: “The world of finance is changing.

“Up to 90% of global markets are managed by bots and run by investment banks and hedge funds, leaving the average investor with few tools to compete.

“Learning to trade manually is difficult and time consuming and the relative knowledge of professional and hobbyist investors is very different, and so is their access to opportunities.”

Key takeways:

  • Coinrule is disrupting the cryptocurrency investment space by providing access to algorithmic trading and other emerging strategies to ordinary investors
  • Founders from Fitbit and Twitch are among a cohort of backers who invested $2.2m in the company during the investment round
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Article by Richard Dawson
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