Sangeeta in Namaste Café

Sangeeta in Namaste café (credit - the Bigger Picture Agency)

Whitley Bay café owner Sangeeta Chopra is making her food and products eco-friendlier so that customers can enjoy her fare with a clearer climate conscience.

As well as a range of vegan options, Sangeeta’s Namaste: A Taste of India café, deli and store, is switching from plastic to glass and paper packaging.

And to help home cooks get the freshest ingredients without the waste, she offers a service to pre-mix spices in tailor-made quantities, all wrapped in paper bags.

The popular Namaste specialises in homemade Punjabi cuisine, as well as a range of authentic Indian spices and other products such as kitchenware and jewellery. Adults and kids can also sign up for two hour cookery sessions, to help them learn how to make the dishes they love at home.

“I have two young boys and the climate emergency is something that comes up at home all the time. I gave up my job in a call centre to be able to spend more quality time with them and having the time to talk to them has definitely made us closer," Sangeeta said.

"I agree that we all need to do our bit. From talking to my customers, they agree.

 “I love cooking and I have always had a passion for Indian food from helping in the kitchen and watching my mother, grandmother and grandfather cook. My whole family cooks,” said Sangeeta.


Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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