Dean Banks in Kitchen with his Lunun Gin

MasterChef: The Professionals finalist and restaurant owner, Dean Banks, has launched a new premium Scottish gin to market.

Described as a ‘no-nonsense’ gin, Lunun is a high-quality drink focused solely on taste. Its premium quality comes from the single-fold distillation process used to create it and its smooth taste has been developed with the chef’s palette in mind.

Influenced by Dean’s travels to over 40 different countries and his expertise in fusion cooking, it’s six unique botanicals - kaffir lime leaf, sea buckthorn, Sichuan pepper, kombu kelp, ginger and lemongrass - add a citrus essence, allowing the straight-up gin to be served with tonic and a simple slice of lime.

Dean said: “I’ve always wanted to create my own gin and it seems like the next natural step for me after establishing my restaurant in St Andrews. I wanted to create something that people judge solely on the taste and not the ‘hype’ that often comes with contemporary artisan gins – in fact, Lunun is the opposite to an artisan gin. There’s no smoke and mirrors with Lunun. People who appreciate a quality-tasting gin without any of the other nonsense will enjoy this one.

“Although our chosen botanicals give Lunun an Asian twist, all can be sourced in Scotland, keeping the distillation process straightforward, just like the gin. Customers will only require a slice of lime to garnish – it’s about keeping gin-drinking simple and accessible and focusing the entire experience on the taste. Chefs will appreciate this too, and it will hopefully become the chef’s choice of gin in restaurants across Scotland.”

Distilled in Dean’s hometown of Arbroath in Angus, the gin’s name is an adaptation of Angus’ most peaceful, secluded beach, ‘Lunan Bay’. With the environment in mind, Lunun will use eco-friendly packaging to distribute its bottles to customers.   

Dean continued: “Lunan Bay is one of my favourite places in Scotland and a place close to my home. This gin reflects that and my travels, but it is also a drink that will be appreciated by those who are just looking for a high-quality gin to enjoy, whether at home or in a restaurant or bar.”

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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