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It's official, gin is more popular than David Beckham and beats The Beatles, Wimbledon and apologising as the most British things ever

Gin was mentioned every four seconds on social media around the world in the last 12 months, more than British icon David Beckham, Hollywood actor and philanthropist George Clooney, Harry Potter author JK Rowling and iconic globe-trotting naturalist Sir David Attenborough, according to research by the number one premium gin brand, Whitley Neill.

Firmly established in the British consciousness, gin was also talked about more than The Beatles, Wimbledon, Buckingham Palace, afternoon tea and the classic Sunday roast, proving only less popular than the weather and a cup of tea.

Tagged 8.4 million times globally on Twitter in the last year[3], 38% of gin mentions came from the UK, followed by the USA (24%), South Africa (6%), Philippines (4%) and Canada (3%).[4]

The UK in particular has seen a huge rise in the popularity of gin, or a “ginaissance”, in recent years with a record-breaking 73 million bottles of the juniper-based drink sold in 2018. Sales of flavoured gin, such as Whitley Neill Blood Orange and Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, drove more than half of this growth, up an impressive 751 per cent year on year, according to figures from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.[5]

The results of a social listening study by Whitley Neill Gin, which searched twitter for posts of the mother’s ruin, found there to be more gin-related mentions than some of the world’s most prolific celebrities. On Twitter, David Beckham was mentioned 1.9 million times, while JK Rowling was mentioned 2.4 million times, and George Clooney and Sir David Attenborough were mentioned 900,000 and 1.1 million times respectively[6].

Gin also ranked more popular than British icons The Beatles, mentioned 6.5 million times, Wimbledon, mentioned 5.5 million times, Buckingham Palace, mentioned 1.2 million times and apologising, which was talked about 1.1 million times on Twitter in the last year. 

Leanne Ware, White Spirits Director at Whitley Neill Gin, said: “Gin has officially established itself in the British consciousness and around the world. Gin drinkers will always explore classic juniper-forward expressions, such as Whitley Neill Original, but there’s been a clear shift towards flavoured gins, which are also creating an incredible amount of conversation online.

“The data tells us that ‘gin o’clock’ is now a global movement. There’s a dedicated moment in each day whereby people enjoy a gin. How amazing is that? It shows that in the UK, gin is a firm British icon alongside fish and chips, Big Ben and red buses, while being a truly international spirit.”

Conversation about gin reached fever pitch on World Gin Day in June 2018 as the hashtag #WorldGinDay was used 8,600 times in the UK and 17,000 times globally.

The top 10 countries talking about gin:

1. UK (38%)
2. USA (24%)
3. South Africa (6%)
4. Philippines (4%)
5. Canada (3%)
6. Brazil (3%)
7. Spain (3%)
8. Ireland (2%)
9. India (2%)
10. Indonesia (1%)

The top 10 quintessentially British things talked about on Twitter:

1. Tea (85 million mentions)
2. Weather (84 million mentions)
3. Gin (8.4 million mentions)
4. The Beatles (6.5 million mentions)
5. Wimbledon (5.5 million mentions)
6. Sherry (2 million mentions)
7. Buckingham Palace (1.2 million mentions)
8. Jane Austen (1.1 million mentions)
9. Afternoon tea (1.1 million mentions)
10. Apologising (1.1 million mentions)

The top five spirits talked about on Twitter in the UK:

1. Gin (1.5 million mentions)
2. Vodka    (460,000 mentions)
3. Rum (370,000 mentions) 
4. Tequila  (159,000 mentions)
5. Brandy  (92,000 mentions) 

The top ten alcoholic beverage hashtags used on Twitter in the UK are:   

1. #Gin (13%)
2. #Gin&Tonic (2%)
3. #Cocktails (2%)
4. #Ginoclock (2%)
5. #ScottishGin (2%)
6. #WorldGinDay (2%)
7. #GinLovers (2%)
8. #Vodka (1%)
9. #Drinks (1%)
10. #Cocktail (1%)

Whitley Neill Gin’s full range consists of Whitley Neill Original Handcrafted Gin, which is the number one premium gin brand[8], Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin, Whitley Neill Quince Gin, Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin, Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin, Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin and Whitley Neill Blackberry Gin.

Abi Bentley-Cottam
Article by Abi Bentley-Cottam
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