Alan Walsh

Alan Walsh

A premium mixer company, known for its eye-catching branding, has found a new home – as an installation in a stylish new Monaco art gallery.

The Artisan Drinks Company has a range of seven mixers made with 100 per cent natural ingredients, which are available in imaginative flavours such as violet blossom and pink citrus.

And now the bottles – each of which has its own distinctive character – are one of the first sights to greet visitors at the new Walsh Gallery Monaco on the iconic Rue Grimaldi.

The gallery has recently been launched by UK-born artist Alan Walsh, whose unique artwork is created in his own signature pop-art style and has also led to commissions for a whole host of leading brands.

Alan is also one of the founders of the Artisan Drinks Company and designed its stand-out branding – which is why it made perfect sense for the bottles to become a centrepiece at the gallery.

“It’s created a lot of interest and of course the mixers taste as good as they look,” said Alan, who is originally from Yorkshire but spent many years running galleries in Australia before moving to Monaco.

The gallery also reflects Alan’s passion for motorsports, with illustrations which pay homage to the Monaco Grand Prix, alongside images reflecting the glamorous lifestyle of the French Riviera.

A third section highlights the luxury brands which Alan has worked with and comes right up to date with his role as part of Artisan.

Alan was one of three founders of the drinks brand, following a chance meeting between him and drinks expert Steve Cooper in a bar in Sydney owned by famed mixologist, Mikey Enright.

The threesome chatted about the gap in the market for a mixer brand which offered great flavours, memorable branding and a unique drinks experience – leading to Artisan being born.

Now developing a huge international audience, the exposure at the new gallery in one of the world’s most glamorous places is a further boost to Artisan’s fast growing business.

“Monaco is a fantastic place to work and the gallery has already been really well received,” said Alan.

“I will be working from here so visitors will also be able to come in and see me actually creating pieces of art.

“And hopefully seeing the Artisan display will also inspire them to find out that they do taste as good as they look.”

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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