21 APR Bhas Kalangi And Andrew Gibbon

Bhas Kalangi and Andrew Gibbon

A hospitality tech start-up is offering beleaguered restaurant owners the chance to make the easy switch to takeaway services with one single system.

By helping restaurants effortlessly move - in some cases within five minutes - to takeaway services, ePOS Hybrid is enabling them maintain vital revenues, retain staff, and keep their businesses going throughout Coronavirus.

ePOS Hybrid is also helping its clients by waiving monthly subscription charges for some customers, so they don’t have to pay during the pandemic.

The start-up, which recently raised £400,000 from a successful crowdfund campaign and private backers, has created the world’s most advanced, fully-integrated ePOS platform, which makes it easier for restaurants, takeaways, cafés and bars to operate.

Bhas Kalangi, Founder and CEO of ePOS Hybrid, said: “The worldwide hospitality industry has been turned upside down in recent weeks, with so many restaurants closing and others having to pivot their services to takeaway and delivery.

“To help our customers, we’re working with them to switch services to takeaway either by utilising their existing hardware or by using a single, low cost tablet device, which will act as the main ordering hub for the business.

“We can help our existing restaurant customers set up in five minutes, while new customers can be up and running in less than a day. We’re also providing our customers with 24/7 technical support to help support them with while they making the move to takeaway services.”

ePOS Hybrid’s online and mobile app products allow customers to browse menus, order and pay online, directly with the restaurant, cutting out excessive third-party commissions which can destroy a SME’s profitability.

Andrew Gibbon, Head of Growth at ePOS Hybrid, added: “Our customers have been hit hard by the virus. We’re seeing a real concern among hospitality operators around their cash flow and if they’ll even be able to reopen.

“We’re helping our clients re-open and stay open by operating as a takeaway and delivery venue. Our low cost solution allows business owners to control and manage every area of their business all of the time – everything from online sales and stock to live driver tracking ensures businesses can easily keep track of everything.

“We’re facing an unprecedented time for the industry. Now is the time we have to work together to support each other, making sure our clients survive this as best they can.”

ePOS Hybrid has propelled itself to the forefront of the food tech sector over the past year through spotting the gaps in current point-of-sale offerings, becoming the only ePOS provider to offer a range of seamlessly connected products to control and manage every area of a hospitality food business.

Business owners have full visibility of all of the orders direct from any smart device, removing the need for any expensive upfront costs for hardware equipment.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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