Villagers living on the doorstep of JCB have said a big thank you to the company for helping to feed some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

JCB’s ‘Food for our communities’ initiative has seen more than 500 meals and sandwiches be delivered to the homes of 100 people in Rochester, causing much delight amongst the elderly, sick and young families being supported during the lockdown.

The initiative, which was inspired by Carole Bamford who is the wife of JCB’s Chairman Lord Bamford, has produced around 22,500 meals and sandwiches since the project commenced last month.  

Church warden Susan Maiden-Dalton, who is coordinating the St Michael’s Church volunteer group delivering the meals, says the support has been “hugely appreciated.”

She said: “When we knock on people’s doors with the meals everyone is so pleased to realise they are being looked after in this way and are so grateful to JCB for supplying the food and to the kind volunteers who are delivering it.”

Marjorie Thompson, aged 64, of Edes Farm Drive, added: “I really do appreciate the meals. They are just so lovely and fresh.”

Audrey Pegg, aged 78, of Riversfield Drive, said: “My favourite out of all the meals is the cottage pie. I really appreciate what is being done as it really helps me out.” The meals are delivered to the village’s Premier Store ready for volunteers Richard Howells, Chris Sheldon, Scott Beaton and Frank Dalton to deliver. The sandwiches are kept in the shop’s chiller and handed out to key workers in the village.

Since the launch of the JCB scheme, catering staff at the World HQ in Rochester have been preparing meals and sandwiches for distribution to communities in Stoke-on-Trent, Rochester and Uttoxeter during the Coronavirus crisis.

Bethany Wright
Article by Bethany Wright
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