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Life sciences-focused investment fund Deepbridge Capital has announced it has deployed more than £50m into UK life sciences companies.

Launched in 2017, Deepbridge’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund was the first to invest exclusively in early-stage companies across the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and digital healthcare domains.

The £50m has been provided to 87 companies based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Founded in 2010, Deepbridge launched its first EIS fund in 2013/14 and now specializes in providing venture capital to early-stage technology, life sciences and renewable energy companies.

Earlier this year, the company reported a record year of EIS fundraising, with almost £30m of funds invested during the 2020/21 financial year.

In addition to its EIS funds, Deepbridge also manages the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service, which utilises business relief-qualifying renewable energy assets to provide inheritance tax mitigation.

Dr Savvas Neophytou, Partner and Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge Capital, said: “The global pandemic has seen an increase in investor and financial adviser interest in the life sciences sector. With so much media attention on vaccines, treatments and medical devices, this increase in appetite is perhaps not surprising. 

“When setting up Deepbridge’s Life Sciences business after I joined in 2016, it was with a strong vision that we would invest sizeable funds across a unique mix of biopharma and tech-based solutions for real life medical problems. 

“We are delighted to now have a portfolio of maturing companies that are progressing well, which is affirmed by the levels of co-funding and strategic partners we are helping our companies attract. Our companies are now working in over 30 countries and have operational bases across the globe. 

“I firmly believe that investing in life sciences requires specific sector knowledge, which is why we continue to grow our team of domain experts who are focused on supporting our investee companies on their growth journeys. We look forward to providing investors with further good news stories from our portfolio over the coming months.”

Deepbridge has a 53-strong team working across offices in Chester, London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Queensland, Australia.

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