Tushar Srivastava, Founder And CEO Of Nurturey And Dr Anil Krishnaiah, Digital Health Lead At Nurturey

Left to right: Tushar Srivastava, founder & CEO of Nurturey and Dr Anil Krishnaiah, Digital Health Lead at Nurturey

Nurturey, a child health app on a mission to become the first nationwide digital 'redbook', just got a step closer to making their mission a reality, thanks to a £550,000 investment that includes investment from the owners and directors of Day Lewis Plc, the independent pharmacy chain.

The Nurturey app is already being used successfully by thousands of pregnant mothers and parents of children from zero to 13 years old to record their child's health information, milestones and receive trusted health guidance.

Now, the Nurturey team plans to take digital empowerment of parents to the next level. It aims to complete its integration with NHS systems soon so that parents can access their children's health information held by doctors, book immunisation appointments and be alerted in advance of their child's important check-ups. Nurturey will truly be the digital redbook plus.

Sam Patel, Executive Director at Day Lewis, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Team Nurturey. As parents ourselves, we really connect with the digital redbook concept to make parents' lives easier and to improve health outcomes for children. We're thrilled to be part of Nurturey's journey and look forward to seeing the positive impact Nurturey will have on the lives of children."

Tushar Srivastava, founder and CEO of Nurturey, said: "We aim to address the wider challenge of falling vaccination rates, child obesity and other important child health issues in the UK.

"Nurturey algorithmically connects parents to trusted NHS information at the relevant stage of the child's growth and empowers parents with digital tools to systematically manage all of their important health events and receive alerts."

The Nurturey app is designed to be used by parents across many devices, with virtual assistant connectivity built-in, allowing parents to easily record their child's development, for example to celebrate that their child took their first steps or has a new tooth. The app also features a calendar for appointments, so parents can keep track of appointments and be reminded of these either on the app or using a virtual assistant. 

Clinical Commissioning Groups interested in trialling the app can request a trial by writing to support@nurturey.com

Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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