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A celebrated British pharmacist has joined forces with Wilmslow-based Well Lab Ltd, to launch a new range of CBD oils in response to poor quality products flooding the UK.

Tom Chapman, who is a fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, has created DR CBD Rx in association with Well Lab, a company in Wilmslow, Cheshire, that produces and supplies a range of vitamins and supplements that improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

DR CBD Rx is unique to the market, combining innovative Cloud Spray technology for fast, effective absorption with the highest quality Cannabidiol (CBD) mixed to a formulation of pharmacist Tom’s own specification to produce the broad-spectrum CBD distillate.  

Unlike many of the products currently available, is fully certified and conforms to all UK Home Office guidelines so consumers can enjoy complete peace of mind.  

Available in three flavours – citrus, mint and wild berries, and all with 0% THC – DR CBD Rx employs a unique delivery mechanism (Cloud Spray) which dispenses a specific and measurable dose into the bloodstream when sprayed under the tongue. 

The fine mist of droplets ensures optimal absorption of CBD into the body.

What’s more, the handy mechanical pump means that dosing can be controlled by the user with great accuracy – the only product of its kind to guarantee such regulation of quantities and likened to measurable dosing used in prescriptions. 

Tom, 82, whose career has seen him accredited as an expert member of the British Pharmacopoea Herbal Committee, said: “Sales of CBD have roughly doubled over the past two years in the UK but not all CBD oil products are created equal. I wanted to establish a truly unique range that combines the highest quality of active ingredients with a sophisticated dispensing system that gets to work fast and gives the consumer total control over their dosage spray by spray.  


“There’s no point in having active ingredients if they’re going to get swamped in a carrier oil which will linger in the digestive tract. I’m absolutely thrilled with the final product and am confident in saying that there are no better CBD oil products on the market at the moment. There are certainly cheaper ones, but they do not deliver the beneficial effects of CBD to the degree that users need. In this instance, you really do get what you pay for. Products on the shelf today are not subject to any legal testing but I’m happy to confirm that DR CBD Rx is fully certified and conforms to all UK Home Office guidelines.” 

“‘DR CBD Rx has created a really unique product showing exactly the kind of innovation we want to see in the industry,” said Marc Burbridge development and quality lead, for the Centre for Medical Cannabis. “We are working extremely hard to ensure that more products are legally compliant, subjected to standardised analytical testing methods and properly regulated – and DR CBD Rx is just that.”

The brand’s impressive pharmaceutical heritage is reflected in its brand name – ‘DR’ in honour of its founder, ‘CBD’ to represent the active ingredient Cannabidiol that is derived from the hemp plant and ‘Rx’, the medical abbreviation for prescription to reflect the controlled and accurate dose each spray delivers.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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