Myndr founders Lizzy Hodcroft and Emma Reilly.

The UK mental health and wellness start-up Myndr has announced plans for the first in a series of national mental health conferences which will see the launch of the company’s innovative digital mental health and wellness platform.

Hosted by presenter, comedian and actor Alfie Joey, Myndr X Con, will take place on Thursday 4 February 2021 at Northumbria University, and will showcase the latest innovation in mental health and wellbeing technology.

The Tyneside-based company will be revealing its groundbreaking AI-assisted app and will also give guests the opportunity to hear personal stories from founders Lizzy Hodcroft and Emma Reilly, as well as a panel of local heroes, celebrities and thought leaders, which is to be announced over the coming months.

Speaking ahead of the announcement, Alfie Joey, said: “I'm humbled to be part of an event that represents a breakthrough moment in mental health support in this country.

“Lizzy and Emma have dedicated their lives to this project and I'm proud that this service was born and nurtured in the North East of England.

“The road to recovery for many of us is long and getting others to talk about their issues takes time, but hopefully Myndr will help make this process that little bit easier. We can do it!”

Commenting on the upcoming event, Lizzy Hodcroft said: Myndr X Con will follow the journey of local celebrities and business leaders through their own personal experiences with mental health issues.

“There will be giveaways, meet and greets and an invite-only VIP party to close the conference, plus some amazing special guests that you'll not want to miss!”

The event will also include the highly anticipated reveal of Myndr's new application, which aims to change people’s lives through peer-to-peer mental health support and human-centric machine learning.

The product launch will give attendees insight into why the platform is so essential in the UK’s current mental health landscape and how it seeks to revolutionise the future of mental health support.

“We will be taking a deep dive into the interesting findings from our early beta testing of the platform and of course, there will be a big unveiling of the product showcasing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind it all,” continues Lizzy.

“We’ll also be taking a look at the mental health landscape today, exploring both what can be celebrated and what still needs to be improved.”

In addition to celebrating the work of Myndr and its incredible journey so far, the event aims to shine a spotlight on the region and reflect Hodcroft and Reilly’s vision of making the North East a leader in innovation for mental health and wellbeing support.

Lizzy explains: “We’re so proud to have Alfie on board. Not only do we know him from waking up with him each and every morning on his breakfast radio show, but his roots also lie in this region and he has a great connection to the North East. He's really stepped up to champion mental health here in the region.

“The event is perfect to release the platform to the world as well as celebrate how far we have come and put down a flag to establish the North East as a leader in reducing mental health stigma.”

“We know that 2020 has already been such a trying year for so many of us, which is why we want to open up 2021 in the right way, supporting the mental health, personal development and wellness needs of our communities.”

The conference announcement comes at an exciting time for Myndr, having been recently awarded a £300,000 grant from the highly competitive Innovate UK Fund.

The funding will allow for the development of the application with the help of Tyneside software and app development company, Komodo.

The award-winning startup has also struck up a partnership with North East Housing company, Home Group, with whom it will be developing and testing the app over the coming months.

Since launching in 2018 with early support from Northstar Ventures, Myndr has gone from strength to strength. Its innovative approach and ambitious plans for disrupting the mental health and wellbeing sector have earned it the title of 2020 North East Start Up of the Year by the Federation of Small Businesses. The company will be in the running for the national awards next year.

Commenting on Myndr's conception and plans for the future, fellow co-founder, Emma Reilly, added: “We have been around since the end of 2018. In our first year, Lizzy and I focused on validating our assumptions, making sure we were addressing mental health and wellness in the right areas.

“It was important to us that we ensured Myndr was made for everyone and gave impactful and practical advice, so we spoke with over 500 different businesses, mental health patients, carers and health professionals to seek their insights.

“Once we felt confident that we were on the right track, we started on developing the platform and throughout 2020 we will continue to develop with our focus group users, taking their feedback and implementing it into our product.”

The conference will also be raising funds for the Sick Children’s Trust to show support for the mental health challenges that arise from a child being critically ill and in need of specialist care.

Myndr X Con will take place on 4 February 2021 at Stage 2 within the Northumberland University campus.

For more information about the event, visit the Myndr X Con web page

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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