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Preparing businesses and society worldwide for the return to work and a new normal, UMOVIS Lab has today launched StoBox; a collection of accessible and medically curated protective equipment and products to support business and households.

As we adopt new hygiene customs and practices that will become part of our everyday culture, StoBox will deliver peace of mind all-year-round.

Whilst recent circumstances have put this issue into the spotlight, germs have been the preeminent threat to business productivity for decades, with absences from work in the UK accounting for £18bn in lost productivity every year, a figure which is predicted to rise to £25bn by 2030.

StoBox has been developed by medical experts in order to support and minimise these effects and is a key part of a wider germ-spread safeguard ecosystem, combating an issue which has always challenged society. 

With 41% of UK workers stating they are worried about returning to the workplace, StoBox has been created by UMOVIS Lab as a key part of the wider preparedness and prevention ecosystem allowing the public to take a proactive approach to mitigating infection transmission.

StoBox is a support kit to give business leaders the resources they need in order to be responsible for their workforce and prepared for any future eventualities

Comprising of protective equipment and products which mitigate the further spreading of germs, StoBox provides businesses and households with quality, medically curated items to best prepare and protect themselves. This includes:

  • Antibacterial wipes – containing greater than 70% alcohol which kills many viruses and most bacteria.
  • Oximeter – it gives two important measures which are useful in considering infections –pulse rate and blood oxygen saturations.
  • Hand sanitizer – containing greater than 70% alcohol which kills many viruses and most bacteria.
  • Thermometer – to test for high body temperature is often an early sign of infection. 
  • Gloves – to provide confidence in minimising the risk of acquiring and transmitting potential pathogens from the environment.
  • Antimicrobial wipes – these wipes include active agents to kill other types of pathogens for which alcohol is not effective.
  • N95/FFP2 Mask - a respirator masks that meets required standards and can be worn for many hours.
  • Mask (3-Layers) - wearing a face mask, when close contact with others is unavoidable, may reduce the risk of spread of infection.

Dr Luke Moore, Infectious Diseases Physician, Clinical Microbiologist and independent consultant for UMOVIS Lab, says: “Most will have a first aid box at home to reactively treat injuries, but few will have proactive measures in place to try and limit the spread of infection. In normal daily life we’re going to be exposed to situations where germs can spread between us and in the world of germ transmission, the best possible answer is to try and stop yourself from getting an infection in the first place. StoBox is doing exactly that by introducing quality pieces of kit into everyday life, when you need it, to try to minimise the risk of transmitting infection onwards.

“StoBox works in two ways. The disinfecting gels and wipes limit the direct transmission of germs from our hands to the environment around us and the masks help to minimise the risk respiratory transmission – mitigating the chances of both the coming and going of infection.

“Preparedness and protection are essential when it comes to trying to limit infection and if we take the right measures, infection is something we can work together to minimise. Using equipment which mitigates the spread of the virus is a key part of that equation along with how we adjust our behaviour.”

Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of The Garage who led on branding and product development, says: “150 years ago Florence Nightingale showed the world how to deal with infection. She put hygiene at its centre, proving it saved lives and reduced trauma. For that reason, Florence Nightingale has been the inspiration behind the design and concept of StoBox, supporting businesses in being prepared when the risk of spreading germs arises.  

“We’ve called it StoBox to reflect that it should always be stored safely in your office or home and the nightingale which sits central to the branding reminds us of our inspiration, Florence Nightingale. Who taught us that hygiene is at the core of minimising the spread of germs.”


Bethany Wright
Article by Bethany Wright
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