David Garbett of Harrison Spinks, School Head Rebecca White and Head Gardener Lois Evans

Three companies in Yorkshire and London are working with organisations such as the Woodland Trust and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to plant trees in their communities.

Yorkshire bedmaker Harrison Spinks has committed to planting 200 trees at Sharp Lane Primary School in South Leeds, supported by Carbon Footprint Ltd.

David Garbett, Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager at Harrison Spinks, said: “We started our sustainability journey ten years ago with our farm, where we rear sheep and grow natural fibres to create our mattress fillings and added to this more recently with our 56-acre forest that provides wood for our beds.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Sharp Lane Primary School on this project. The aim of the scheme is to bolster our ongoing sustainable objectives while also supporting the local community by creating a habitat for wildlife, promoting biodiversity, providing social benefits and developing the local landscape.“

Lois Evans, Gardener and Forest School Lead from Sharp Lane Primary School said: “We have a large outdoor area which we are currently developing, and these trees will now provide shelter, screening and habitat, while also managing water bogging, enhancing outdoor play and helping our planet.”


Pictured - David Garbett (Harrison Spinks), School Head, Rebecca White and Head Gardener, Lois Evans. Children - Tymon, Charlie, Rosie, Ella, Amber, Sophie, Georgia from Sharp Lane Primary School.


Sustainable Yorkshire gin and whisky distillery Cooper King Distillery is supporting the creation of 10,000 square meters of woodland. Since August 2018, Cooper King has pledged to donate at least 1% of their gin sales towards the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) tree planting work as part of their commitment to producing sustainable spirits.

Co-founder Abbie Neilson said: “We’ve loved supporting YDMT, not just by giving donations but also through getting involved in their tree planting and woodland walk events. We’re proud to have supported the planting of a hectare of woodland, and a huge thanks is owed to our customers for continuing to help conserve and protect the environment.”

Carol Douglas, Woodland Officer at YDMT, added: “Trees are hugely valuable as a habitat for wildlife and support some of our most endangered woodland animals, like red squirrels, dormice and cuckoos.

“They are also important for our mental health and wellbeing and we believe that everyone should have access to them. The appeal aims to raise funds to create beautiful woodlands that everyone can enjoy for years to come.”


London-based office cleaning company, Swift Office Cleaning Services, will plant up to 100 trees through the Woodland Trust for every new client they sign up.

John Williams, Director of Swift Office Cleaning Services, said: “We may operate amongst the skyscrapers of metropolis London – but everyone in our business is keen to protect and restore the natural world around us.”

The Woodland Trust™ works towards improving the UK’s native tree population and protecting woodlands to restore natural habitats for wildlife and to combat climate change.

Swift Office Cleaning Services provide a green cleaning service with eco-friendly cleaning products. They work with suppliers like First Mile, who are helping offices in London improve their recycling and reduce their office waste going to landfill to zero.



Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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