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Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE Learning

The newly reopened LOVE Gorgie Farm in Edinburgh is offering a range of educational and corporate services for both locals and businesses in the area.

Operated by charity LOVE Learning, most activities at LOVE Gorgie Farm will revolve around education and social care, but it will also be available for venue hire for corporate and community events, gatherings and training events.

The farm will also offer animal volunteer sessions for people with additional support needs, hold animal care and animal handling activities, provide “farm to fork” workshops and use its education centre to impart its accredited training programmes.

LOVE Learning is also organising corporate sponsorship packages to help fund the animals and the farm.

Lynn Bell, CEO of LOVE Learning, said: “By offering corporate and educational services, we will make sure that LOVE Gorgie Farm becomes more than an urban farm, but rather a social hub with strong environmental credentials that welcomes all members of the community.

“Aside from these new services, we are looking to launch sponsorship deals for people and businesses who want to be more involved and support the farm through their generous donations.”


Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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