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Derbyshire company, Blackfish Group have joined forces with their well-established client, Penlon, and are working around the clock to produce thousands of technical labels which will be applied to ventilators. These ventilators are estimated to save 90,000 + lives in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Penlon, the medical device company at the heart of this collaboration, has enabled Blackfish to seize this opportunity in playing such a vital role.

It is also down to the technical abilities that Blackfish Group are able to offer, due to the investment made in machinery which allows them to print technically-challenging labels for medical equipment; of which there are very few other companies in the UK - if any - who can produce such labels.

Blackfish Group is one of a number of organisations in the UK that has been given clearance to access the government’s emergency supply chain partners, to ensure they can obtain raw materials from anywhere in the world, whenever they are needed.

With such an important task on the team's hands, it’s hard to believe that the Blackfish Group was actually only formed nine months ago. However, the experience of the group is not to be under-estimated. The group consists of six smaller businesses - who were all doing well in their own right - coming together to realise its true potential. Blackfish was the crystallisation of their relationships, each bringing specialisms, knowledge, decades of expertise and experience to a joint entity.

The Blackfish Group is made up of a board of six directors and 48 team members; each of whom, are incredibly important to the board and who are passionate about great team culture.

When asked what this opportunity means to the group, David Cordy, chairman of Blackfish Group, said: “Whilst the country is undergoing the most challenging of times, the chance to be a trusted partner at the heart of this project to help save so many people, has given the whole company a real sense of purpose. Our team has risen to the challenge, I could not be more proud of them.”

David goes on to explain how the team are managing to abide by the government’s guidance for social distancing in the workplace: “The government’s advice is clear and we have been able to adopt all aspects of it. Our personnel have embraced the important role we have to play and are keen to maintain their own safety so that they can guarantee they can fulfil it.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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