Nick Story of Supplies For Candles

Nick Story, owner of Supplies for Candles in Swinton.

A business in Mexborough supplying ingredients for candle and soap making is offering a free litre bottle of soap to vulnerable people in the local area to help combat shortages in local shops and supermarkets.

Nicky Story, owner of Supplies for Candles in Swinton says, “Advice from the government and health professionals is that washing your hands with hot water and soap is one of the best ways to help prevent Coronavirus spread. However, locally, we are seeing shortages of soap and hand sanitiser on supermarket shelves.

“We want to help make sure that the elderly and vulnerable in our community have access to the products they need to stay safe, and anyone who is over 70, pregnant or has an ongoing health condition living in our local area is welcome to collect a free litre bottle of a specially formulated extra strength liquid soap from our warehouse in Swinton.”

The soap is manufactured by Yorkshire firm Stephenson Group. Nicky says he has over 18 tonnes available, which means there is plenty to go around and no need for people to panic.

“There’s a lot of worry and uncertainty at the moment, and at times like this I feel it’s important for us to do what we can to support our local communities,” he says. “We will not allow the vulnerable to be forgotten in our area when there is something we can do to help.”

The litre bottles of soap are available to collect from today (19 March) from the Supplies for Candles warehouse on the Swinton Bridge Industrial Estate.  


Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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