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Christmas parties are going to be very different this year, as large gatherings will no doubt be prohibited by social distancing measures. This will lead to many offices conducting Christmas parties through virtual means, with a staff meeting and partying through video call means. But how do you throw a virtual Christmas party?

Here, Angela Knox from Keep Fit Eat Fit shares tips on making a virtual Christmas party work:

Work Christmas parties this year will be a little different if they happen at all - though it should be celebrated, albeit with a new approach, as it’s great for team building, camaraderie, and our mental health.

Zoom has been the office friend for months and will doubtless be the new party medium, short of a vaccine miracle that is rolled out to the whole population pre-party season.

Pre-planning is the secret to any party, and this is no exception. Appoint a coordinator who can collect ideas for themes and be responsible for communicating the details out to the workforce. You could even set up a WhatsApp party group and involve everyone.

Once you have a theme the company could produce and distribute a party pack containing decorations and props so everyone can display them within sight of their home computer. You could also get employees to use their creativity with a themed costume and have a competition for the best one.

Music is key, and if you have any aspiring DJs in your team you could get them to bring inspiration and even take over the task - if they have their own decks, even better!

Have a cocktail competition before the day, then you can prepare for sampling it on the day of the event - just make sure everyone drinks plenty of water to wash down the alcohol.

At least there are no worries about looking for invisible taxis at 2am! Spouses and partners can be
invited too, in fact, this is essential if you want to maintain harmony in the household of your employees!

As with life in general right now, we are having to adapt to new norms in more and more creative ways, and this is a great example. We should continue to mark the occasion and use it as an opportunity to foster team bonding and build relationships.

Contributed by Angela Knox
Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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