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Combining smart technology solutions with preventative healthcare aims, Healthy Nibbles has launched The Wellness Hub – an innovative low contact retail concept to help employees stay healthy in their workplace.

Each Wellness Hub operates as its own mini market. The unstaffed retail concept benefits from tech-enabled innovation, real-time stock monitoring capability, sustainably sourced goods, and a range of more than 1,000 healthy snacks, drinks and meals catering for all dietary needs.

Sourced from impact-driven brands such as Mindful Chef and Modern Standard coffee, all products have been benchmarked against more than 15 UK and international nutritional and allergen standards. The company also assesses its producers against the B Corp impact assessment to ensure true workplace wellness and sustainability.

The Healthy Nibbles micro markets have been launched in response to changing trends, recognising that businesses must think differently to deliver health and wellness offerings that are relevant and customisable in a socially distanced environment.

With many businesses closing office kitchen facilities, micro markets are designed to overcome the shortage of food and drink options by allowing everyone to have access to the market regardless of their working pattern.

Self-service micro markets don’t need on-site staff are provide a quick, low-touch experience. Customers can use the self-service interface of the micro market, or alternatively download the app to checkout. The concept is designed to reduce queue times, help to maintain social distancing and be available throughout the day to avoid overcrowding.

Smart, remote monitoring capabilities enable the real-time tracking of stock levels so that restocks can be carried out as needed, ensuring everyone’s favourite food is always available. Employers can tailor the units to suit their environment, as well as individual employees, while limiting waste and miles by ensuring that restocking only takes place when necessary.

B Corp accredited Healthy Nibbles was created in 2003 after its Founder, Sara Roberts, was left frustrated by unhealthy hospital vending machine options – the only food available at 3am while she visited her father. The business now offers healthy out-of-home choices to UK offices, travel hubs and letterboxes.

Sara Roberts said: “Flexibility and health are going to be key drivers in any food and beverage solution, both in the short and longer-term, as cities, businesses and homes continue to undergo a seismic shift in response to COVID-19.

“I believe workplace wellness will assume its rightful position as a seat at the board table, moving away from a fragmented and siloed discipline to one that underpins business, with nutrition, mental health, overall wellness, sustainability and impact all forming key components in governance and reporting.”

Key takeaways…

  • Healthy Nibbles has responded to changing trends and customer needs, with its technology-enabled micro markets offering employees healthy food and drink options throughout the day and in a low-contact environment
  • The company has recently been accredited as a B Corp and works with producers that share its values, as well as benchmarking their products against UK and international nutritional and allergen standards – for more information visit
  • For more inspiring business stories, and advice on starting or running your business, visit the UMi platform:
Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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