Haribo £22M

Sweet manufacturer Haribo has announced a £22 million investment in its manufacturing capability to drive greater efficiency and reduce costs.

The money will be used to enhance technology across Haribo’s purpose-built facility in Castleford, West Yorkshire, which produces around 30,000 tonnes of the iconic sweets each year, and will deliver additional capacity.

Furthermore, the focus on reformulation of products within the company’s portfolio will be strengthened, reducing sugar and creating treats that deliver greater choice to retailers and shoppers.

Jon Hughes, Managing Director of Haribo UK, said: “As we continue to face tough challenges following the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we are showing our resilience and commitment to world-class production in an increasingly competitive market. 

“Investing £22m into our already world-class manufacturing facility will give us greater opportunity to produce the variety of sweets that we know bring childlike happiness to our customers.

“We focus on making great tasting treats that are just sweet enough and will continue to look for ways to reduce sugar content where we can.”

Recent innovations in Haribo’s product line include the launch of Fruitilicious (the company’s first sugar-free treat) in 2018 and the reformulation of Jelly Babies to reduce sugar content.

Jon added: “While these innovations showcase the changes in our range, it is important to remember that our most popular sweets are still made using the same basic recipe as our first ever Goldbear.

“This includes only natural flavourings and colours and with less sugar than our competitors.

“It’s why we’ve always been just sweet enough, and why we’ll continue to lead the way in using only as much sugar as we need to deliver the taste and texture that our customers love.”

Key takeaways:

  • Investing in technology is helping Haribo enhance its manufacturing capabilities while driving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • The £22m investment shows Haribo’s sustained commitment to making its products in the UK
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Richard Dawson
Article by Richard Dawson
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