Pet Flaps UK has emerged as a new successful business despite starting up during the coronavirus pandemic.

65-year-old John Carolan, Founder of Pet Flaps UK, recognises that most people are thinking of retiring when they reach their mid-sixties, not starting a brand-new business. However, the national lockdown was just the catalyst he needed to turn his spare bedroom into a home office and realise his long-held ambitions.

John said: “Everyone thought I was mad starting a business right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but from our first tentative customer enquiry on 26 June this year we are already installing well over a dozen pet flaps and dog doors every week and that's growing fast.”

Starting with just a website, an old laptop and a trestle table, John now has five fitters installing pet flaps and dog doors all over the North West, London & the Home Counties, The West Midlands and from next week will also be taking on two more tradespeople for customers in Leeds and West Yorkshire.

“There's much more expansion planned, I want to be offering our services supplying and installing our whole range of pet doors all over the UK by next summer!,” John enthused. 

Most of us think of a pet flap as a rattly piece of plastic in the bottom of the kitchen door. That's certainly not the case when you look at Pet Flaps UK's range. Electronic doors that can be controlled from the user's smartphone App and motorised doors for even the really large breeds like St Bernards are just some of the range Pet Flaps UK installs.

With over 11m cats and nearly 8m dogs in the UK, and nearly 49% of the adult population owning a pet, it looks like John's phone is going to keep ringing and his installers are going to be busier than ever.

Shaun Tate
Article by Shaun Tate
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