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Online women’s clothing company SilkFred is now selling the Kintsugi Clothing label, a ‘disability-first’ design company.

Kintsugi, which takes its name from the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold, is a young fashion label based in Manchester, with celebrity supporters such as Channel 4's Sophie Morgan, actress Samantha Renke and Paralympians Hannah Cockroft, Anne Wafula-Strike and Charlotte Henshaw.

Since February 2019 Kintsugi has been creating accessible clothing, designed with disabled women in mind. Fastenings are made easier and consideration is given to how each garment will work sitting down, for wheelchair users.

The clothing also doesn’t use internal labels, which can cause sensory distress for those with autism.

Kintsugi founder, Emma McClelland, said: “We’re delighted that SilkFred have decided to take us on as a brand and hope that its fashion savvy customers are as open to inclusive design as they are.

“The fashion industry is evolving. Fewer people want ‘exclusive’. Instead, they want to see brands that consider and represent a variety of body types. About that, we couldn’t be happier.”


Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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