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Amazon launches its first European competition for the most innovative products built by the brightest inventors. The ‘Startup of the Year’ will be voted for by Amazon’s customers and receive a prize of €100,000.

Amazon has announced the launch of the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards, a free competition designed to support emerging, innovative European startups by giving them chance to win a ‘Startup of the year’ prize of €100,000.

What is Amazon Launchpad? 

Amazon Launchpad was introduced in 2015 and is now available across Europe in France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands as well as in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, India and Australia.

Amazon Launchpad has supported the launch of over 2,000 startups in Europe in over 30 categories, such as furniture, electronics, fashion or beauty. Working with over 200 leading venture capital firms, start-up accelerators and crowd-funding platforms, the programme has helped startups and entrepreneurs launch products and boost sales of innovative brands on Amazon.

What's on offer?

The awards will offer five successful finalists a €10,000 grant, free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year, marketing placements, and the ‘Startup of the Year’ will receive an additional €90,000 grant.


To enter, businesses must:

  • be registered in an EEA country, the UK or Switzerland
  • sell a physical product to consumers
  • be the brand owner of the product entered
  • have fewer than 50 employees and a total annual turnover of less than €10 million
  • have been operating for less than 10 years


The judging panel will select products by their aesthetic, design, uniqueness and differentiation, but also social, ecological and economical sustainability aspects will be considered as judging criteria, and it is made up of five industry experts, both within and outside of Amazon, including:

  • Andy Fishburn, Managing Director Virgin Start-up
  • Greg Williams, Editor-in-chief of Wired UK
  • Jamie Siminoff, CEO of Ring
  • Aditi Singh, General Manager of Amazon Launchpad Europe
  • Ryan Frank, Head of Marketplace of Amazon in Spain

Xavier Flamand, Director EU Seller Services, said, “Innovation is part of our culture. We continue to invent on behalf of customers, but we’re also the destination for innovative new products from small businesses.

“Since its launch, Amazon Launchpad has supported over 2,000 startups in Europe. These awards demonstrate both our commitment to supporting emerging brands and how we love to delight our customers with new and innovative products.”

How to apply

Entries are open until March 28th to European startups selling physical products to consumers. A judging panel will select the top five most innovative startups across Europe from a shortlist of 15 finalists.

Eligible businesses can enter here.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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