After developing a love of video games as a child, Sally Blake has dedicated her career to her passion. In the past 10 years, she has worked at Ubisoft Reflections, Hammerhead (now Dimension) and No More Robots before establishing her own AA games development studio, Silent Games. Sally has also championed women in the industry and established the Women Making Games (WOMG) support network. The mentor and public speaker has won countless awards for her development work and advocacy, and she strongly believes more diversity will bring significant benefits to UK gaming.

Watch this video to hear games producer, businesswoman and diversity champion Sally Blake's thoughts on:

  • Gender stereotypes and how they impacted her love of gaming as a child
  • Encouraging more women into the games industry 
  • Changing perceptions around diversity and inclusion
  • The importance of mentoring, peer support and role models in helping women stay in the industry 
  • Getting 'equal treatment not special treatment'
  • Why diversity makes better games 

Key takeaways: 

  • Although there is more recognition around gender inclusion in the games industry, it is still seen as being male dominated and work needs to be done to change this perception
  • Sally founded Women Making Games (WOMG) as a support organisation for women in the games industry. More information about its work can be found at: 
  • Women need to be encouraged into gaming but also supported during their career as too often they are leaving the industry
  • Sally advocates for more mentoring and role models and has worked with The Girls' Network to help achieve this:
  • More diversity could positively impact the games industry by creating a wider range of games that appeal to a wider audience 
  • Sally was recently named in the top 100 most influential women working in the games industry: 
  • Silent Games is a AA games development studio currently working on its own game IP: 



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