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After a successful year of beta testing with a pilot group of high-profile local and international businesses and governments, geo-location start-up Naurt has launched today (19 October, 2021).

Testing its technology with a diverse range of organisations before its full launch has enabled Naurt to put the hyper-precise tracking software through its paces, proving its potential for saving time and money, as well as improving safety and compliance.

The founders set out to solve the persistent problem of poor accuracy that businesses experience when using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology – what most people think of as GPS or SatNav.  

Naurt’s plug-and-play toolkit integrates seamlessly with existing satellite location services and fixes the problems that cause the location data to be inaccurate. Where businesses might currently be able to pinpoint a location to within around 20m, the beta tests have shown that integrating Naurt could improve accuracy to within centimetres. Naurt promises to deliver 45 times more accurate location data when used indoors or outdoors and across borders. 

The company is set to remove a major barrier to growth for companies in last-mile logistics, micro-mobility, autonomous construction, drone delivery, smart city design and self-driving vehicles, where it says innovation has been halted due to accuracy issues.  

Naurt is already making waves in the micro-mobility sector, for example, helping companies win bids through passing safety legislation and enabling them to expand into previously untouchable places. A Naurt-enabled fleet can enforce parking zones (no more scooter litter), throttle speeds in no-go zones and offer smart lane detection. Naurt has helped micro-mobility companies improve their location fixes by an average of 40% during beta testing, eliminating what is known as GNSS drift, so customers and charge teams can track scooters down to the lamp post they are leaning against.

Jack Maddalena, Co-Founder and CEO of Naurt, said: “Naurt is making geo-location ultra-precise. Standard satellite location services are no longer fit for purpose and are costing businesses and people time, money and safety. We have created the world’s first platform that is able to improve on this without the need for extra hardware. The work we are doing will be transformational for people and businesses around the world. 

“Naurt’s innovation enables a diverse sphere of enterprises to improve their solutions, unlock opportunities and break into new markets. We have seen the impact of our work with our customers who, through intelligent location data, are identifying revenues in ways once thought impossible. Here at Naurt, we can imagine a future where there is a new technological revolution based on location hyper-precision and we believe strongly that Naurt is the company to make this happen.” 

Key takeaways…

  • Naurt tackles a key pain point in a technology that many sectors rely on – the addition of this innovative software will enable organisations to expand into new markets, offer better customer service and improve safety and efficiency
  • The company has spent the last year beta testing its technology with a pilot group to show how Naurt can be applied across a range of organisations and use cases – for more information see https://www.naurt.com/
  • For more inspiration, advice and support to start your business, head over to the UMi platform: https://www.weareumi.co.uk/webapp/

Image: Naurt CEO Jack Maddalena 

Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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