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GingrTech, developers of the award-winning ROCKET Serious Games platform for experiential learning, has announced that games industry legends Philip and Andrew Oliver (AKA 'The Oliver Twins') are investing a significant amount to fund the next stage of the company's growth.

GingrTech has recently gone to market with a Series A round to expand its activities in the USA after early successes proving the market.

The company designs and develops breakthrough business simulation platforms and helps organisations drive transformational change using advanced game technology and behavioural dynamics.

The team has built a highly adaptive platform (ROCKET) that allows new competitively priced games to be produced quickly depending on the needs of the client. Wherever there is a need for improving business acumen, large-scale change projects or to drive the need for whole-of-systems thinking, ROCKET can be used to drive the outcomes of the client businesses.

ROCKET has now attracted a range of blue-chip clients in the USA who are tapping into the power of experiential learning.

The platform accelerates the speed at which people learn and it provides the context for improvement.

The serious games marketplace is set to explode in the next few years, valued at $25bn globally.

Tim Dew founding Director at GingrTech said: “This investment is a phenomenal endorsement for what we are doing. The Oliver Twins have been making entertainment games for nearly 40 years, having founded Blitz Games and Radiant Worlds. Their input and experience will help bring traditional gaming experience to the serious games sector."

Philip Oliver said: “Andrew and I have always been convinced that people learn better through play, and games are a brilliant way to guide that experience. We love that Tim and his team are passionate about applying this to the corporate world with ROCKET. They have the right approach and we wanted to help them with their ambition and journey to success.”


Key takeaways:

  • Serious Games developer, GingrTech, has received a significant investment from video game designers Philip and Andrew Oliver.
  • GingrTech has built the ROCKET platform which helps businesses drive development and change through experiential learning.
  • The investment will help GingrTech expand its offering into the US.


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