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A new report has found that 70% of businesses accelerated their digital transformation due to COVID-19, and to safeguard against future crises.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of 3StepIT, the survey also found that 74% of IT decision makers said technology was pivotal to their survival during the pandemic, ensuring business continuity and a rapid shift to remote working.

Over half (51%) of IT departments were given larger budgets to enact these changes, with a third (32%) increasing their IT headcounts to handle the huge volume of services requests coming in from remote workers. 

Businesses also reported increased security risks due to the greater number and mobility of devices, with 26% saying they had more devices that needed to be disposed of.

As a result, three quarters (74%) of organisations said they were concerned about the amount of e-waste they were producing.

Carmen Ene, CEO at 3stepIT, said: “The pandemic has created one of the most challenging business environments in our history - organisations are being asked to deliver huge digital transformation projects, improve security measures and deliver more business value with every investment, all while operating sustainably. 

“Traditional models of cash ownership are no longer fit for purpose, and the leading companies are instead moving towards technology as-a-service to ensure they can prove ROI, grow performance and answer critical environmentally sustainable goals.”

Key takeaways:

  • Digital transformation has been accelerated due to COVID-19 but also to prevent severe impacts from future crises
  • Unforeseen challenges associated with hybrid working include device security, lost devices and mounting e-waste.
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Richard Dawson
Article by Richard Dawson
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