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Tyneside-based electric bike company, Ride Electric, has launched a revolutionary scheme in a bid to protect NHS frontline workers from Coronavirus and is calling on North East businesses to help meet the demand for its services.

Having received many requests from NHS workers declaring their concerns about coming into contact with people who may have the virus when commuting to work via public transport, the company is loaning out its ground-breaking technology at a time when the NHS needs it most.

Ride Electric has been supplying its stock of eBikes to the region's police force and NHS workers without charge and is now urging the region's business community to assist them in reaching more people by offering sponsorship opportunities to get an increased level of bikes in action.

Speaking about its new NHS initiative, Ride Electric's managing director, Craig Goff-Cooper, said: Since Coronavirus hit us in the UK, the reality of what this situation has meant to the NHS and support staff has dawned on us all. It is clear that public transport is not a valid option and car-sharing is ill-advised. 

“So, for those without their own car, the only options for safe personal transport is on foot, cycling or – more effectively, using electric bikes.

"We're urging NHS workers to get in touch with us to see if we can supply them with a bike and we need local businesses across the North East to sponsor additional bikes so we can get more in operation to meet demand. Let's all come together and do something special.”

The company has explored the need further with hospital staff who have confirmed that the scheme would have huge benefits for staff who would usually travel to work on public transport. 

In addition to this ongoing support, the company has also helped the region's police force by providing them with eBikes to patrol their locality effectively to keep the public safe.

Ride Electric's Sue Anderson continues: “Frontline key workers have told us this is having a big impact mentally and physically.  They are all working exceptionally long hours and we want to protect them by minimising the unnecessary stress from the risk of using shared transport on their journeys to and from work.”

“As a result of our assistance over the last few weeks, we are now being asked for more support, but we are now at the limits of our resources.

“We are therefore looking for organisations to sponsor bikes for NHS frontline staff. They're doing so much for us and this presents a unique opportunity for us all to do something truly special and historic.”

James Dixon, head of sustainability at Newcastle Hospitals, added: During this period of uncertainty and heightened anxiety for our hospital staff, this scheme is very welcome. The team at Ride Electric have been fantastic and I’d encourage other local businesses to consider sponsoring an e-bike to help get our frontline NHS staff to work safely and emission free!”

Launched in 2017, Ride Electric has swiftly established itself as a leading independent supplier of cutting-edge eBikes to its growing client base and is committed to giving businesses the ability to boost their environmental credentials with specialist schemes.

Super safe, quick, reliable and stylish, Ride Electric's unrivalled eBike range allows people to navigate urban and rural landscapes with minimal effort, regardless of age, fitness or health.

If NHS workers would like to loan a bike as part of Ride Electric's commitment to help staff get to and from work safely, they should visit: https://www.rideelectric.co.uk/help-for-nhs/ebikes-for-nhs-staff/

If businesses would like to sponsor an NHS bike and NHS staff member they should visit this link now: https://www.rideelectric.co.uk/help-for-nhs/sponsor-nhs/

For more information about Ride Electric visit: www.rideelectric.co.uk

Bethan Wright
Article by Bethan Wright
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