Vismo to launch new app-based Lone Worker Safety Solution

Vismo will launch its new app-based Lone Worker Safety Solution at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) exhibition (September 8-12th, Chicago). The solution greatly eliminates risks associated with working alone and without constant communication between lone workers and their management team.

The launch marks Vismo’s eighth consecutive attendance as an exhibitor at the annual GSX exhibition, formerly the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits. In previous years Vismo won the “ASIS Accolade’s Security’s Best Award” for two years running in 2016 and 2017. The award acknowledges and celebrates the industry’s most innovative new technologies, products, services and solutions.

The GSX exhibition is one of the world’s largest and most influential events within the security industry, and this year is expected to attract more than 22,000 attendees from more than 110 countries.

“Vismo is committed to constantly improving user security and over the past year has integrated the latest technology to provide enhancements to our products and user experience,” says Colin Dale, VP Business Development, Vismo (

“The result is the new Vismo Lone Worker Safety Solution, which effectively and securely assists lone workers by helping to eliminate the risks of working alone and without constant communication with their management team.”

The solution includes a panic button which, when activated, sends an instant alert to administration teams, notifying them of a user’s location. The app also makes workforce management easier, thanks to its timed check-in and check-out function, which is key to the solution.

Definitions of check-ins can be tailored to individual employees or job roles by administrators. Employees can choose the relevant action, along with an optional time frame to complete the task at hand. That information, confirming the user’s location and relevant check-in action, is sent to a secure Vismo portal.

Should the time frame expire, or not be deactivated by the lone worker upon, for example, the completion of a task, an alert is automatically sent to an administration team. The team will then be in contact with the employee and provide assistance if it is clear the employee is in, or will be in, danger.

“Although lone workers can use the app’s panic button there may be incidents when they are unable to do so, that’s when the Vismo Lone Worker Safety Solution really comes into its own.”

The solution includes Vismo-Alert and VismoStream to give lone workers many options to reach out in an emergency - while giving employers and management teams strategic information to efficiently manage the safety of their employees. 

In 2016 Vismo-Alert achieved the ASIS Accolade Award, due to the covert nature of the panic button. Fundamental to a user’s safety in a crisis situation, users can press the panic button on their device. If a non-mobile device is desired, the panic button can be worn on the wrist, belt and as a pendant. The Bluetooth technology connects the Vismo-Alert to a user’s smartphone in order to send a panic alert with a GPS location remotely to the secure Vismo portal. This informs security teams of the event, allowing for a faster, more covert and safer response.

Following the Vismo-Alert success in 2016, Vismo won the ASIS Accolade Award in 2017, with VismoStream. VismoStream enables users to send immediate encrypted transmissions of live video and audio from their smartphone to the secure Vismo portal. This ensures the administration teams can evaluate the nature of the situation in order to respond accordingly.

Vismo is a global tracking specialist – founded in 2012 - whose customers include many Fortune 500 and FTSE companies, SMEs and NGOs.

Exhibition attendees are invited to visit the Vismo team at booth #1761, to explore the latest technological advances in tracking and trial the Vismo Lone Worker Safety Solution for themselves.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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