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Group of people at meet the buyer event, under a Concorde

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive supply chain service designed to fortify businesses at every level.

From diagnostics pinpointing knowledge gaps to specialised training modules in bid preparation, we offer a holistic approach to elevate supply chain resilience. By working closely with businesses we can help them seamlessly implement industry-specific requirements, explore new revenue opportunities through trade missions, and enhance competitiveness with personalised 1:1 consultancy.

Our service delivers practical results, from strengthened supply chains and compliance assurance for buyers, to new revenue streams and future-proofing for suppliers.


Uncover the strengths and areas for improvement in your supply chain. Our diagnostics service conducts a thorough analysis, identifying and prioritising gaps in knowledge and capability. This targeted approach lays the foundation for strategic improvement.

Armed with these insights, businesses can gain a strategic roadmap for improvement, ensuring their organisation evolves with purpose, maximizss strengths, and addresses vulnerabilities to achieve success.

Elevate the capability of businesses to win contracts with our specialised training modules to equip teams with the skills needed for effective bid preparation and pitching. 

Designed for both novices and seasoned professionals, our modules provide comprehensive insights into effective bid strategies and allow businesses to learn to craft compelling proposals, navigate the intricacies of the bidding process, and pitch with impact.

With our training, they will gain the skills needed to confidently pursue opportunities, increase their win rate and position themselves within the market.

Our workshops offer invaluable insights into the expectations and perspectives of buyers, empowering suppliers to align their offerings with market demands, fostering stronger, more informed partnerships.

This workshop goes beyond theory, offering practical strategies to align your offerings with market demands. By understanding the buyer's journey, suppliers can position themselves to foster stronger, more informed partnerships that lead to lasting business relationships.

Our peer-to-peer mentoring program connects suppliers with seasoned professionals, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and practical guidance. 

This collaborative approach allows businesses to navigate challenges, explore innovative solutions, and gain insights from those who have walked a similar path.

Through peer mentoring, businesses can not only build confidence and capabilities but also establish a network of trusted advisors, creating a community where knowledge flows freely and fostes sustained growth.


Our service ensures seamless implementation of industry requirements, positioning suppliers as a trusted and compliant partner. 

We guide businesses through the implementation of general requirements, ensuring compliance and minimising disruptions to supply chain operations, helping them to navigate the regulatory landscape effortlessly. 

Our optional enhancements service empowers businesses to implement advanced practices that elevate their capabilities, setting them apart from the competition and future-proofing their operations, allowing them to go above and beyond.

Our market research service provides actionable insights, enabling businesses to stay ahead of industry trends, identify new opportunities, and make strategic choices that enhance their capabilities and make informed decisions. 


We have over 12 years of experience delivering more 80 targeted trade missions for groups of businesses looking to explore new markets, build international partnerships, and gain a competitive edge through firsthand exposure to global business landscapes.

Tailored to your business objectives, these missions immerse businesses in untapped markets, facilitating international connections that spark unparalleled growth. Our comprehensive planning ensures a seamless experience, connecting you with key industry players and creating opportunities to showcase your offerings on a global stage.

By participating in our Trade Missions, businesses can not only solidify their presence in new markets but also position themselves as a forward-thinking, globally competitive force.

Our meet-the-buyer events allow suppliers to engage directly with potential buyers, fostering relationships that lead to lucrative opportunitiesa and forge meaningful connections.

This platform provides a unique opportunity for suppliers to present products or services to a receptive audience, accelerating relationship-building. The result? Lucrative partnerships and business opportunities that align seamlessly with their organisational objectives. Our events go beyond traditional networking, creating an environment where meaningful connections flourish, and mutually beneficial collaborations take root.

By taking the lead in our Meet the Buyers events, you can elevate your brand, expand your network, and gain access to a host of strategic opportunities that drive sustained business growth within your supply chain.

Our facilitated opportunities service provides personalised, one-on-one engagements, connecting suppliers with key decision-makers to explore collaborations that align with their unique strengths.

This bespoke approach cultivates relationships that leverage your unique strengths, ensuring that collaborations are strategically aligned with business objectives.

By facilitating direct, one-on-one engagements, we provide a platform for businesses to explore tailored collaborations, fostering partnerships that drive mutual success. Our commitment to personalised interactions ensures that every connection made is purposeful, maximising the impact of each engagement and contributing to the sustained growth and prosperity of businesses in your network.

Our consultancy service offers suppliers personalised support in bid preparation and strategic planning, ensuring that each opportunity is approached with a tailored, winning strategy.

Our seasoned experts provide personalised guidance, ensuring businesses bid strategies align seamlessly with industry best practices. Whether they're a seasoned bidder or new to the process, our consultancy services are tailored to their unique needs.

The benefits to businesses inlcude strategic insights, meticulous preparation, and expert support that enhance their bid presentation, increasing their competitiveness and improving their chances of securing valuable contracts. Trust us to be your partner in their success, guiding them through each step of the bid process.

Industry-led innovation challenges push the boundaries of what's possible, driving supply chains to pioneer new solutions and technologies.

These challenges go beyond traditional problem-solving, encouraging participants to embrace cutting-edge solutions and technologies that redefine industry standards.

By participating, businesses not only stay ahead of the curve but also demonstrate their commitment to innovation and excellence. Showcasing their capabilities as a forward-thinking industry leader, contributing to the evolution of their sector.

Leading on Industry-Led Innovation Challenges positions your brand at the forefront of industry advancements, setting the stage for sustained growth and increased market visibility.



Innovative & bespoke programme design

we can implement the whole programme life cycle, from design to delivery covering all processes in-between

Multi-channel approach

we deliver services across multiple channels and formats to ensure we engage with businesses wherever they may be

Streamlined Process

our tried and tested modular setup allows for seamless customer journeys

Robust governance & compliance

operating in line with FCA, ISO 9001:2015, and Cyber Essentials Plus with tried and tested processes

Industry leading deployment

using world class technology solutions delivered with agility and entrepreneurial flair

Meaningful and impactful interactions

our programmes focus on practical, actionable advice and support with the tools to back it up

Transparent reporting & management

interactive dashboards and a dedicated account manager gives you full visibility of a fund’s performance

Marketing and business engagement

we can build awareness and drive adoption of eligible businesses

B Corporation Certification

B Corporation Certification

we meet rigorous and externally verified social and environmental standards, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profits with purpose

A huge thank you and well done to the team for delivering such an amazing Meet the Buyer event. The feedback from partners, buyers and suppliers has been great!

Manchester Airport Group

Our sales team had an eventful & productive day at the East London Meet the Buyer event. We’re very proud to have sponsored and to have met a whole range of businesses. We look forward to future partnerships & opportunities with you.

Circle UK Group Ltd

Well prepared, very organised, with a good selection and range of suppliers to meet.

NG Bailey Construction

A massive thanks to you all in delivering what must be one of the most successful Public Sector business support programmes on record.

Construction Industry Training Board


If you have any queries, or need help and advice, please contact:

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Head of Commercial Services
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