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For most businesses, accessing finance and funding is often the biggest challenge they face.

We design and manage grant and loan funds for businesses that make it easier for them to survive and thrive. Providing public, private and third sector partners with the fund management capacity and expertise to make the highest impact at low risk, achieving maximum value for money.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve managed grant and loan programmes defraying over £288m to more than 75,000 businesses, sole traders and charities, from the smallest of start-ups to the established blue chips. Helping to create or safeguard over 41,000 jobs and leveraging over £511m of additional private sector investment.

What we offer:

We help partners who are looking to stimulate economic growth or social impact, or respond to market shocks or emergencies, by the distribution of grant funding. Whether that be high volume, small value revenue grants or voucher schemes, through to targeted large capital investments, we provide a robust modular approach to ensure money gets to the businesses that need it most at the time they need it.


Our approach to grant administration has been rigorously audited and was cited as best practice by the European Audit Authority.

Innovative loan funding solutions, providing unsecured and secured loan capital to ambitious, high growth small and medium sized businesses.

Our experienced team of former business, commercial and corporate bankers operate at pace while conducting robust due diligence to de-risk growth projects and maximise returns to stakeholders.  From stimulating deal flow, through to intensive portfolio management, they have significant expertise and knowledge across a wide range of sectors, including technology.

Businesses in receipt of grants to reduce risk often see significant growth. Wouldn’t it be nice, as we share the risk at the start of a project, if we could share the returns later? 

We can allocate grants blended with loans or equity; this is blended finance.  

Aligning objectives means we can design and deliver funds that unlock opportunities in businesses, improve access to finance, accelerate project delivery, drive economic growth, and create returns to the fund for reinvestment. These new funds could be repayable grants or grants delivered with loans to deliver finance interventions, through to debt/equity only schemes, helping limited budgets go further.  

With over 15 years of delivering publicly funded grant and loan schemes, we’re able to provide expertise and capacity to compliment or develop in-house funding programmes.

Whether that is to:

  • Provide advice on the overall design of your own scheme
  • Help you defray more funding, more quickly
  • Provide support for challenges your team may face, such as tricky state aid cases
  • Develop the skills you already have in house
  • Prepare bids to funding bodies to establish a new grant or loan scheme
  • Providing general capacity to manage demand, including:
    • Due diligence services
    • Front-end web applications
    • Assessment services
    • Making payments to grantees

Between 2019 and 2022 we have...

I just wanted to write a big thank you for all of the hard work that you and the team have put in to get CBF round 5 ready. Each round seems to get slicker and slicker (from an already high bar).


I just wanted to share the message below which Mark has circulated to the whole of PTC following such a successful meeting today. This is a testament to all the hard work you have put into improving the scoring and assessment process - we couldn't have achieved this without you.



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