Sat Nav for Business

UMi Sat Nav takes the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise, and finance for businesses.

If you’re looking to:

  • Help your customers be more successful and resilient
  • Create more economic impact in your area or industry
  • Generate additional leads for your product or service
  • Grow your business and partner network
  • Build your brand awareness and profile

We deliver a low-cost, high-value service, providing actionable and scalable support direct to your customers to help them survive and thrive.


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What we offer

If you want to support businesses in your locality to do more, improve resilience in your supply chain, help your customers grow so they need to buy more from you, or be recognised as a champion of small business Sat Nav is the solution.

Whether you’re a business association, membership body, networking group, bank, charity, professional services provider, managed workspace, or a public sector body; by partnering with us we can help you achieve more.

Funding & Finance

We make it easier for businesses to access funding by finding and sharing eligible local and national funding schemes from grants to loans and everything in between.

Finding the right finance solution to help your business operate and grow can be complex and time-consuming. To support them throughout their journey, we’ve developed the UMi Funding & Grants Finder, which summarises the local and national support currently available, alongside the UMi Loan Finder, built to give access to loans and other money-saving products a business needs.

Advice & Support

Our team of Business Advisers are on hand to deliver bespoke advice and send personalised alerts to keep businesses on track. Through multi-channels, businesses can access bespoke advice via telephone and digital including webchat, video calls, e-mail and social media.

Delivered by a team of trained advisers and supported by a comprehensive network of business support providers, we can connect the business you work with to the advice and information that will make a real impact.

Tools & Resources

We give businesses access to 100s of guides, templates, and articles but the best bit is we don’t expect them to search for what is helpful.

They can just browse if they want to or we will point them towards the most relevant based on what we know about them and business who are similar, making it quicker and easier for them to take action. Whether they’re just starting out or well on their way, we’ve got the tools and resources to diagnose a range of financial, digital, and business-related challenges and opportunities.

Events & Learning

Through our engaging programme of masterclasses, conferences, networking sessions and awards, we create real engagement with businesses.

Connecting them with peers, experts, and inspirational business leaders to be inspired, develop new skills and importantly, take action. Whether delivered virtually or face to face, our events are designed to make it easier for business to do more and go further.

Discounts & Deals

Businesses can take advantage of our trusted network of partners to access exclusive offers, trials, and referrals worth over £1,000.

We know that to make that difference, it takes more than just us. We’re is powered by an extraordinary network of talented and open-minded individuals and partners, from the youngest of start-ups to the most established blue chips - all with the specialism and commitment to make a real difference to business.

Key Statistics

Our Brand Partnerships

Partners work with us because of our

Expert Business Support

we can support your network of businesses with the best information, expertise, and finance across multiple channels

Cost effective business support

get better value for your investment by improving the business you work with

Meaningful and impactful interactions

our support focuses on practical and actionable advice with the tools to back it up

Deep data insights

using data science and machine-based learning we can share the the challenges and opportunities your business network faces in real time

Improve customer loyalty and engagement

we take the hard work out of this for you, creating meaningful, tangible, and timely solutions to solve the challenges and opportunities that businesses face

Blended support

so businesses can take action at a time and pace that suits them, blending traditional in person support with on demand resources out of standard working hours in a variety of formats including read, watch and listen content

Personalisation and Prediction

using our experience and data, we personalise and predict what businesses need along their journey, making sure we give them exactly what they need, when they need it, and before they even know it’s needed!

Build awareness with a new audience

we can introduce you and your business to our extensive network of ambitious businesses

Be seen as a thought-leader

we can share your expert content to position you and your business as a trusted partner in your sector

Referrals from ambitious businesses

through a mixture of content, promotional deals, and direct recommendations from our adviser we can find you more customers

Transparent reporting and management

interactive dashboards and a dedicated account manager gives you full visibility of your brands visibility and referral performance

B Corporation Certification

we meet rigorous and externally verified social and environmental standards, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profits with purpose

UMi always provide the right support for my business.
Beauty Business, Bromley
Sara was really helpful, supportive and considerate of my needs. Was a pleasure to speak with her.
Professional Training & Coaching Company, Hackney
Really liked the call back and found it helpful, overall a great experience.
Media Production Company, London
Would recommend the UMi Sat Nav to anyone looking to start up or wanting help and support to take their business further.
Arts & Crafts Business, Moray
My adviser was friendly and knowledgeable, she sent through the promised information quickly and I’d have no hesitations regarding contacting her.
Creative & Media Design Business, Gateshead

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If you have any queries, or need help and advice, please contact:

Suzanne McCreedy

Chief Commercial Officer
07786 065 840