Innovation Construction Wales Index

Innovation drives our economy forwards, boosting productivity and opening new markets, which is why businesses put such emphasis on it. According to a report on innovation from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, NESTA, UK businesses invested £124bn in the intangible assets associated with innovation and R&D. This compares to the £93bn spent on tangible assets such as buildings, machines and vehicles.

Forming part of a full innovation report available online, the new Index features a range of innovative construction companies and spotlight and profile some of these and the work they are engaged in.

Through a comprehensive and independent judging process, no fewer than 33 companies where identified which qualify for inclusion in the Innovation Index.

Each one of these, in its own way, demonstrates a commitment to improvement through change and to finding newer and better ways of doing things in the construction sector.

Out of the 33, our judges were able to choose Ten of the Best. These were the businesses that really stand out as exemplars and pace-setters in innovation. In many cases, what they do not only sets new standards for the construction sector, not just in Wales, or even the UK, but which is having an impact all around the world.

Five of these businesses are showcased in depth in the pages of the publication.

Concrete Canvas, for example, was founded barely 15 years ago but now has offices around the world and its products are used in every continent. We also spotlight: Seven Oaks Modular; Active Building Centre; GOS Tool and Engineering; and Zip Clip. But, we must not neglect to mention the others in the Top Ten: F1 Modular; Williams Homes (Bala); MWT Civil Engineering; Remote Datum; and Tremorfa.

These are all companies that stand out from an already distinguished crowd of true innovators and they are – literally – helping to build the Wales of the future.

Bryan Hoare, group commercial director at BE Group, said: “Businesses can be quiet innovators, we are delighted to launch the Index, allowing those businesses a platform to shout about what they’re doing differently and how their innovation is making an impact across the construction sector in Wales and beyond. The Index is a great way to celebrate and recognise the growth of innovation in the sector and more importantly encourage more of the same from others in the construction industry.”

Paul Wintle, Construction Futures Wales programme Manager said “Construction Futures Wales has had a very positive impact on the industry in Wales and delivered significant outcomes over the five years it has been in operation. The programme has really left its mark in ensuring many Welsh construction businesses are far better placed to win new and repeat business as a result of its interventions. The management and delivery teams have consistently strived to maintain flexibility and keep the delivery content contemporary and relevant to the industry by constantly taking soundings direct from industry, either by via performance feedback, sometimes via short surveys and more recently via direct cross table industry feedback sessions with groups of companies in north and south Wales.

These latter sessions highlighted a requirement to place innovation at the forefront, recognising that there were many potential innovative practical solutions that already exist on our doorstep that many other companies in Wales are not aware of.  It became clear that a database of innovative built environment company solutions was an absolute necessity for the industry in Wales to survive and prosper in the future, and so, the Innovation Index was born.

I see this initial index as the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in so much that for every company identified here there is at least another that we have worked with on the Construction Futures database alone that should appear on the future development of the index.  

Furthermore, there are c 20,000 construction and built environment businesses across Wales that will surely yield even more innovative companies to add to the index, so it is vital that this database keeps growing and is continually updated.

The index is very much about demonstrating and showcasing the talent and offerings we have in a thriving Wales, but it also allows other companies in Wales and farther afield to easily access solutions, whether those companies are in design or construction process, or simply tendering for new work.”

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