Social Entrepreneur Index

The Social Entrepreneur Index campaign celebrates the social impact, creativity and innovation of the UK’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs.

Further individuals were also highlighted as “ones to watch” – the judges felt in the coming year these are entrepreneurs that will be making a significant impact.

The Social Entrepreneur Index is powered by UMi, in partnership with Social Enterprise Mark, Inspiring Women Changemakers and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The campaign focuses on the entrepreneurs behind the businesses, telling their story and providing inspiration to thousands of others to do more and go further in their businesses.

"At UMi we believe that business has the power to make a difference to the world we live in and with that in mind the Index is an inspiring read -  what a powerful group of people and enterprises doing amazing things."

Nicki Clark, Chief Executive of UMi

"Supporting the UK Social Entrepreneur Index is important to us as it signals our commitment to supporting social entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. The partnership has enhanced our brand recognition by enabling us to share useful content via the campaign. The events gave us direct access to a wide range of social entrepreneurs at every level, allowing us to introduce our accreditation packages and build relationships. We've also forged a new strategic partnership via connections made through the Index's supporter and ambassador network."

Lucy Findlay MBE, managing director, Social Enterprise Mark CIC


The report includes highlight Q&As from four of the social entrepreneurs – Tim Howarth, CEO of United World Schools; Waltraud Pospischil, founder of Arkbound Foundation CIO; Dave Anderson, founder of Heartwood Skills; and Andy Douglas, founder of Scotland All-Strong. Full versions and many more nominee profiles are available online on the Social Entrepreneur Index website that make for thought-provoking and inspiring reading. 

In addition to celebrating and promoting their work, the campaign offers social entrepreneurs a platform to network and discuss the challenges that they face. With its vibrant mix of entrepreneurs from so many different backgrounds and specialisms, the network is a rich source of knowledge, experience and support. 

As part of the celebration event, the online ‘roundtable’ discussions showcased this perfectly. The entrepreneurs shared how they had successfully adapted to challenges, offered support to each other and contributed ideas on what further support would be beneficial from fellow social entrepreneurs, the community, industry partners and government.  

This year’s Index was judged by Rachel Fell – Social Enterprise Mark; Kate Welch – Social Enterprise Acumen; Kat Luckock - Social Entrepreneur Coach; Josie Armitage - Josie Armitage Associates; Louise Graham - Impact Mentor and Coach; and Arabela Silva - Inspiring Women Changemakers.  

The UK Social Entrepreneur Index has received the support of eight ambassadors who were selected for being shining examples of how social entrepreneurs can make an impact on a local and international level. They have invested their time to help inspire current and future social entrepreneurs. They are: Lucy Findlay MBE – Social Enterprise Mark; Andrew Bastawrous - Peek Vision; Cameron Saul - BOTTLETOP; Kate Welch - Social Enterprise Acumen CIC; Lucy Buck – The Good Company People CIC; Paul Skidmore - Rising Academies; Rachel Wang - Chocolate Films; and Rosie Ginday - Miss Macaroon.

View the report here and the full index is now live at