Meet The Team - UMi Debt Finance Scotland

Today’s businesses usually operate in a challenging financial environment and need unique products, services and marketing to raise them well above those offered by their competitors. Equally, there are many completely visionary MDs, who can see where they want to take their company. 

But ambition comes at a cost, and big growth plans often entail substantial investment – but coming to the rescue of Scottish businesses is the team at UMi Debt Finance. 

Fund managers to a £12 million loan fund under the Scottish Growth Scheme, UMi Debt finance is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and aims to invest in and encourage the growth plans of Scottish SMEs. 

Launched in January 2019, UMi Debt Finance offers a comprehensive loan support programme for businesses that are ambitious but need support and guidance to do business better, smarter, bigger or faster. 

Based in Coatbridge, but constantly on the move, are three of UMi’s financial experts who are always on hand to make uncomplicate the process of business loans – Thomas Brock, Dave Young and Patrick Burke. 

Tom leads the strategic development of the fund, and oversees larger applications. Dave sources the businesses looking for loans and supports them until the money is drawn down. Patrick then takes the business through its growth plans, makes sure they are happy and ensures that they meet their employment and growth targets over the period of the loan. 


Tom Brock, Fund Director 

Tom leads the delivery of UMi Debt Finance Scotland. He has held senior banking roles with Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland Corporate and Clydesdale Bank Group, where he created specialist propositions to support high growth SMEs, predominantly in the technology sector. 

Tom is constantly looking for innovative ways of doing things from all sectors to make the funding process less daunting and more user friendly. On a daily basis he might liaise with government, build strategic relationships with other banks, equity funds and loan fund managers, or present larger loan cases to the Investment Committee of the fund. 

“Business owners often find raising finance stressful and time consuming on top of the challenge of running and growing their business. When a business opportunity presents itself, SMEs have to move quickly and our aim is to support them by providing a streamlined funding process to allow them to focus on growing their business.” 


Dave Young, Investment Executive 

Dave is the caretaker, guiding businesses through their applications and managing the process of draw down.  

Dave is an experienced banking professional working with SME’s, corporates and public bodies across leisure and tourism, healthcare, third sector and the creative industries. With a real desire to share best practice and knowledge across all business areas, Dave is enthusiastic about helping people develop their ideas and plans to deliver real value for them, their businesses and the wider society. 

He then assesses them and progresses the loan application, through to decision and draw down. 


Patrick Burke, Investment Portfolio Executive 

Patrick has more than 17 years’ experience relationship banking and financial services professional, with across a variety of roles in major banking and financial institutions in Scotland. A specialist in building relationships and business development, he prides himself in delivering high levels of customer satisfaction: “I love helping the customer, who comes to us with a great idea and we help see it through to fruition. Seriously, it’s a wonderful thing, seeing peoples’ dreams come through.” 

Once the money is drawn down, Patrick meets to make sure everything’s going well and they’re happy looks after them and make sure they are meeting targets – employment numbers, export levels. 

Both Dave and Patrick act as business development ‘ambassadors’, Dave builds relationships with those intermediaries that may have customers that would benefit from financial support. 


UMi Debt Finance – fact sheet 

UMi Debt Finance Scotland provides loan capital to small and medium sized businesses across Scotland. The £12m fund, partly funded by the EU, helps accelerate the growth of Scottish businesses, complementing other private and public sector forms of funding. The fund’s mission is to enable businesses in Scotland to grow and thrive, and to boost economic growth across Scotland. It will facilitate the creation of more than 50 new jobs in the region through investment in over 200 SMEs by the end of 2020. 


The process 

UMi Debt Finance has a streamlined application process so a business can complete their loan application in minutes, and a decision is usually reached in under 20 days. The loan agreement is tailored and offers both unsecured and secured borrowing options. Once approved, the business enjoys the ongoing support of a relationship manager. 


Fact sheet box item 

Borrow £25,001 to £100,000 (subject to approval) 

Three year repayment terms 

6.5-12% interest  

No hidden fees 



Actively trading local businesses across most sectors are eligible to apply for UMi Debt Finance Scotland, with loans available for most purposes. Job creation and financial viability are essential prerequisites of each application and applicants must be able to demonstrate serviceability of fixed monthly repayments. 

Businesses relocating to the area or opening new establishments in Scotland may also be eligible.