Inside UMi Launch Day

Today was a big day for us today at UMi aka launch day! We were so happy to finally unveil all of the hard work we’ve been doing behind the scenes for the last few months.

From walking in the office to our UMi starter packs, with some branded items for us to enjoy….

To stepping away from our desks to make a toast to UMi…


Today has been a day of celebration through and through. And as you've seen, there have been lots of smiling faces! There were cupcakes as well as (strictly alcohol free) champagne, but most importantly we all got the opportunity to celebrate in style.

This big announcement marks a new era for us. It means that we can help businesses go further by taking the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance. We have planned some amazing things for the future with even more surprises coming in the autumn.

If you were to walk in here today, you would feel the energy in the office, everyone is buzzing with anticipation to get going and start doing what we’ve been planning for what feels like forever!


So on that note, I'd like to invite you take a look at some of our best bits from launch day.

Before we sign off and prepare to continue on our new future as UMi…we’d like to say thank you, to any of the UMi team reading this, for all your hard work and for being instrumental in making today a success!