Quite simply, our aim is to make sustainability an identifiable feature and characteristic of our business and to provide a range of positive benefits to our business, our customers and all those of us working at UMi.


Our approach to sustainability will be comprehensive, sustained but at the same time practical. Focusing on those areas where it can make a real difference to the impact that we have, and the way that we do business. 

Underscoring the practical and measurable impact that this approach has will be an ethical tone that makes working with us that little bit ‘special’. Emphasising a very conscious attempt on our behalf to do business responsibly as well as competitively.

We have set ourselves an initial four key areas to focus on:

  • Reducing our impact on the environment

  • Growing and nurturing our people

  • Caring about and supporting local communities

  • Sourcing with integrity

Carbon Reduction Plan

UMi is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2045 by eliminating, substituting and reducing our carbon emissions in advance of any offsetting commitments.


UMi is proud to a B Corp and certified by BSI to ISO 14001 Environmental Management

We aim to deliver all events in accordance with our Guiding Principles for the Management of Sustainable Events.

 The following documents are available on request in electronic format: