UMi encourages leaders to sign up to Better Business Act Coalition

As a Certified B Corporation, UMi is committed to balancing the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. This Better Business Day (Thursday 16 May), we’re encouraging other leaders to consider how they can be an even better business.  

There are many organisations doing great work in this space and on Thursday 16 May it will be the third Better Business Day, which this year focuses on generating cross-party awareness and political support for the Better Business Act ahead of the next general election.  

Launched in April 2021 by Mary Portas and Douglas Lamont, the coalition draws together business leaders to call on government to amend section 172 of the Companies Act. The purpose of which is to enable Directors to make decisions which consider the impact on all stakeholders in equal measure not just shareholders. 

Businesses can join more than 2,600 other signatories committing to support the campaign. 

Nicki Clark OBE, UMi Chief Executive, said: “As company directors, it is a given that we are responsible for ensuring our businesses are financially sustainable, but increasingly forward-thinking business owners and leaders believe that we are equally responsible for the impact our businesses have on people and the planet.  I firmly believe it's about balance rather than any one of those three stakeholder groups taking priority over the other.  

“Many companies are already voluntarily taking a triple bottom line approach, one indicator of that being UK Certified B Corporations recently passing the 2,000 mark and many more aspiring to do so. But there’s more to do and the Better Business Act is one very practical way we can do that."