UMi helps CAFE Together Project thrive amidst difficult times

CAFE Together Project, a charitable organisation based in Easington Colliery, has received a grant of £5,500 from UMi. This grant has been crucial in supporting the project to adjust to the evolving needs following the pandemic, creating positive changes for the beneficiaries and the wider community.

The grant was spent wisely, ensuring adaptability amidst government guidelines and evolving community needs. From serving meals in the church hall to expanding to takeaways and eventually delivering food to 35 households weekly, the project demonstrated resilience and responsiveness. The grant allowed the project to maintain the hall, store food, offer packed lunches and engage in community outreach, evolving through planning and training via virtual platforms.

Despite challenges due to Covid-19 uncertainties, the project thrived. Community trust expanded, connections with other organisations strengthened and volunteers gained confidence. The project's ability to modify its services, from food delivery to financial support, demonstrated its commitment to meeting diverse community needs.

The impact was not only in nourishing meals but also in fostering connections. The project became a vital link, addressing mental health, debt, housing and isolation. Volunteers played a crucial role in building trust, reaching out to those initially hesitant and ensuring continuity despite changing circumstances.

Challenges included navigating frequent Covid-19 changes, communication hurdles and the need for flexibility. However, the project's proactive approach, including frequent meetings to address concerns, maintained a smooth operation.

The grant not only impacted the beneficiaries but also transformed the organisation. New partnerships were forged and volunteers developed new skills. Batch cooking nutritious meals not only sustained the project but enabled support for other groups in need.

Objectives were not only met but exceeded expectations. The project established relationships with the Veterans association and a men's group and explored future collaborations with a local family support network. The project was pivotal in delivering not just meals but also hope and support to 198 beneficiaries, primarily from Easington Colliery and Easington Village.

A touching story from one of the beneficiaries, highlighted the profound impact of the project. Facing financial struggles due to job loss, this benefactory found dignity and support at CAFE Together Project. The project not only provided meals but also addressed their children's learning disabilities and connected them to additional financial support. This story reflects the project's commitment to preserving dignity and creating lasting impacts.

With 16 dedicated volunteers, two new additions, and 198 beneficiaries, CAFE Together Project not only met its objectives but laid a foundation for continued impact. As the funding ensured stability during uncertain times, the project looks forward to a future marked by resilience, adaptability and sustained community support. The story of CAFE Together Project is a testament to the transformative power of community-centric initiatives during challenging times.

For more information, visit CAFE Together Project.