UMi helps If U Care Share Foundation develop new suicide prevention technology

If U Care Share Foundation, based in County Durham, has been awarded a grant of £5,000 from UMi to develop its Suicide Monitoring Technology project. This innovative endeavour aims to create a new piece of technology dedicated to tracking and recording suicide data in the County Durham area.

The grant is helping the foundation to develop this essential technology, which not only provides support to individuals bereaved by or at risk of suicide, but also facilitates real-time monitoring of suicide trends throughout the county. This data will be crucial in contributing to national reporting efforts and support initiatives focused on suicide prevention.

The main outcome of this project is to improve health, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The grant has made a notable difference in supporting the foundation's ability to respond effectively to suspected suicides and provide timely and guided support to those at risk.

As the technology gathers more data on suicide trends within local communities, it will inform the development of both local and national strategies for suicide prevention, having a profound impact on the wider community.

Thanks to the experts behind the scenes, the grant process has been a smooth one. All objectives set for the project have been met and even exceeded, ensuring its continued success and impact beyond the initial grant period.

Testimonials from service-users during the grant period reflect the profound impact of the foundation's support. One beneficiary expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support received during a challenging time, while another conveyed relief and hope for the future thanks to the foundation's support and kindness.

The grant from UMi has been instrumental in empowering If U Care Share Foundation to advance its suicide monitoring initiative, providing crucial support to individuals and communities affected by suicide in County Durham.

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